In Cape Cod, there are endless beautiful and historic sights to see. It is a paradise for visitors—the only decision they have to make is how to explore all of these amazing places. There are many interesting ways to experience the beauty found here, but one of the best is certainly by way of kayak. When you are looking to kayak through the many rivers, bays, and ocean waters of the Cape, Cape Cod Kayak is the company to choose. They offer many services that ensure you have the best Cape Cod kayaking experience possible.

The Best Tours of the Cape

There are many different options when you are choosing the areas and the ways in which you would like to explore. Regardless of what you are interested in, you will find the perfect option for you and your group. If you are interested in seeing amazing wildlife and exploring the forests, tallgrass, and endless ecosystems of Cape Cod’s mainland, perhaps a river kayaking excursion is best for you. There are countless different options here, but some of the most popular are tours through Pocasset River, Scorton Creek, and Great River. If you are interested in exploring some of the most pristine coastline on the entire east coast, then perhaps the harbor and bay tours are the ones for. You can explore places like Monks Cove, Snug Harbor, and many others. What’s more is that you can enjoy these amazing experiences for the lowest rates in Cape Cod, starting at $45 for the two-hour tour up to $79 for the full-day rental.

Amazing Selection

Cape Cod Kayak offers the widest selection of vessels for your enjoyment. When you are renting, you can choose a single-person kayak all the way up to a three-person monster! Of course, with every rental comes oars and life jackets. You can also take advantage of their store, where you can not only purchase your very own kayak, but countless accessories that will ensure you are ready for any adventure. Whether you are taking one of the tours or buying your own kayak, you can expect free lessons on how to safely and efficiently operate your kayak.

Spring and summer are rolling around, and as you might expect, they are the absolute best times for a Cape Cod kayaking excursion. Any trip to Cape Cod is sure to be a worthwhile experience, but taking advantage of the amazing services at Cape Cod Kayaks is a surefire way to make it an unforgettable trip. Call them at 508-563-9377 to see how they can take your vacation to the next level.

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