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Make your romantic partner’s heart beat even faster with a romantic vacation on Cape Cod. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift your beloved a romantic trip to the Cape. Exploring the natural beauty of our favorite place on Earth will show how much he or she means to you. And even though it’s cold on the Cape in February, don’t let that stop you from thinking ahead to warmer days; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start planning for your spring or summer getaway. Here’s a list of ideas and activities to ensure your trip to Cape Cod tops all others!

Start with a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

While you are here, why not stop by the Underground Bakery in Dennis on your way into town and pick up an assortment of yum to be enjoyed? Enjoying your breakfast in bed with coffee, cupcakes, cookies, and more can be the sweetest way to start the day!

Antique Shopping

Massachusetts is America’s birthplace, and the antiques found on Cape Cod are priceless for just that reason. Make a game out of finding the most romantic pieces in town; stroll through Kahn’s Fine Antiques in Chatham and search for a first edition book of love poems by your favorite poet, explore Maps of Antiquity (also in Chatham!) and see if you can find an antique postcard sent from the place you first met, or simply amble through the aisles of Windsong Antiques in Harwich Point seeking antique glass candelabras for a romantic dinner for two.

Couple’s Massage

Your real life can be hectic, but your sojourn on Cape Cod is meant to help you relax and recharge as you rekindle the sparks of your love, so how does a couple’s massage sound? The E Spa in Brewster features a couple of different massage packages for you and your partner, why not check them out?

Romantic Dinner

The Captain Linnell House is a mansion a handsome sea captain built for his blushing bride in 1840; today, it serves as a restaurant, wedding, and event establishment in Orleans, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. Seafood and wine heads the menu, but Chef/Owner Bill Conway has no limits, every meal he makes is superb!

End the Evening

Enjoy quiet conversations in your romantic New England Vacation Rentals classic cottage, a bottle of wine purchased from the First Crush Winery in Harwich, and the company of that one person who has stood next to you all these years, even during the toughest of times. Is there any better way to show you care? Reserve your classic NEVR cottage today!