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The annual family vacation is more than just an opportunity to visit places you have never seen before; it’s about spending time with your spouse, your children, and tightening up bonds that can loosen during the other 11 months and 51 weeks of the year. We lead such busy lives in today’s world, busier than at any other time in history, especially with the advent of cell phones that make it easy to multi-task. We can keep up with the news, text our friends, and play our favorite games while doing homework, taking a meeting, or eating dinner, and now is the time to stop, breathe and unplug. These fun New England family activities are going to give you the opportunity to get to know your family again as you enjoy a week (or longer!) on Cape Cod!

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Rediscover Board Games


Each of our properties are different, but all will offer some way of enjoying the company of your family and friends. Board games are provided in some of our homes, allowing hours of fun. Monopoly championships and Scrabble tournaments may be what keeps you from exploring Cape Cod, at least for a few hours! For families traveling with younger children, Candyland never goes out of style and can be purchased at the local department store. If board games aren’t included, it’s ok; jigsaw puzzles take up very little space in your luggage and can be spread out on the coffee table or island to be put together as you come and go. Today’s puzzles are designed to be a little more difficult, coming in all shapes and sizes, including some really fun three-dimensional ones!


Game Rooms for the Super-Competitors


Some of our more luxurious family rentals come with game rooms that offer full-size pool or air hockey tables for even more hours of entertainment! Teens don’t always get that their parents had a life before them, so whooping them soundly at a game of pool can give you “street cred” that will linger long after you’ve returned home. A game of pool also offers time to talk and catch up on what is going on in your opponent’s life. Take advantage of these little moments; you never know when you will have another opportunity like this!

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The Family That Plays Together Stays Together


A trip to Cape Cod can help you build memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you stay in or go out, you’re sure to love your stay with New England Vacation Rentals! Contact us today if you have any questions!