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As you start planning your next getaway, you may be thinking about doing something different this year. Instead of picking a spot and trying to do everything that spot has to offer, you may choose a theme that your journey will revolve around. Why not enjoy a vacation spent near where our nation began, right here on Cape Cod? Spend your days visiting the many historic attractions found here and your evenings and nights enjoying the comfortable luxury of our thoroughly modern escapes is our idea of the perfect themed vacation, and this guide will help you see everything you want to see!

Historical Attractions to Discover!

Edward Gorey House, 8 Strawberry Lane in Yarmouth Port

Some people aren’t satisfied with making their mark in only one category, and those people often leave an indelible mark on the landscape of history. Edward Gorey, famous author/poet/illustrator/puppeteer, is one such gentleman, and he just happened to live out his later years on Cape Cod. The house where he lived, worked, and died has been made into a museum that celebrates his world and should be on the top of any book lover’s bucket list.

Godfrey (Chatham) Windmill, 125 Shattuck Place in Chatham

Once upon a time, visitors to Chatham would see a landscape dotted with windmills, with at least half a dozen large ones and more than a dozen smaller ones being adding to the charm of our hometown. Today there is only one left, the Godfrey Windmill, built over 300 years ago, making it an appealing attraction to visit! Offering free tours during the season, the 2020 season has ended with the pandemic’s appearance, but shall begin again in 2021.

Brook’s Academy Museum, 80 Parallel Street in Harwich

It’s always fascinating to see how schools have evolved from the one-room schoolhouse into the complexes that exist today, and the Brook’s Academy Museum offers a peek into one of the first private schools that went past the elementary level. Built at night under the glow of moonlight, teacher/architect/builder Sidney Brook’s two-room schoolhouse was a much-needed addition to the town of Harwich and stayed in use until the 1960s.

History Is All Around Us

Cape Cod has a long and rich history that begs to be explored, making it the perfect place to visit for a historical tour. Reserve your New England Vacation Rentals hideaway today and relax in comfort every day of your stay!

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As you sit there contemplating a fall visit to Cape Cod (and more specifically, Dennis) there may be questions in your mind about undertaking such a venture. Is it a good time of the year? Will the stores and restaurants be open? Will there be anything to do during your stay? You know Massachusetts is not known for the best winter weather, but you also know that the fall leaves are such a major attraction, tourists flock to the mainland just to see the leaves. We call them leaf peepers. Dennis offers lots of site seeing on both the north side and south side of the Cape. So, the answer to those questions is a resounding YES! Fall is the perfect time to visit the Cape, and we are offering these five secrets and things to do in Dennis MA to ensure your fall trip to Dennis Port is a perfect one!

Peep the Leaves

There are no words to describe the insane beauty of the leaves on Cape Cod during the fall; the colors are so vivid and bright, they appear too rich to be true. The problem is finding that optimum time to visit when they are in “full bloom.” Arrive too early and you will still see green; arrive too late and the trees will be bare and dull. Plan your trip for the second week in October and the magic of a Massachusetts Fall will be revealed!

Waterside Dining

Sometimes the simplest activities end up being the ones you remember the most, and enjoying a lobster roll waterside at the Sesuit Harbor Café promises to be one of the best moments of your trip. World famous for a reason and located at 357 Sesuit Neck Road, this is worth a top spot on your vacation bucket list.

Enjoy the View from Atop the Scargo Tower

Located on Scargo Hill Road in Dennis Village, the views of the Cape will take your breath away. This 3rd reincarnation of a tourist observatory burned down twice—once in 1874 and again in 1900. Rebuilt of cobblestone in 1901, it will probably stand forever now!

Appreciate Art

Just because it is fall doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on pumpkins, and a visit to Scargo Pottery and Art Gallery is a perfect example. Watch the artisans create magic from clay (their skill and talent never fail to amaze us!) and meander through the shop picking up a treasure or two for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a clay pumpkin to help celebrate the season!

Kream ‘n Kone

If you’ve never been to Kream ‘n Kone, you must go and check it out! It is a family owned and operated family style restaurant serving the finest fried seafood and much more, at reasonable prices. Located at 961 Main Street, Route 28 in West Dennis, their menu can’t be beat. In addition to their seafood, they offer a variety of tasty sandwiches, broiled and grilled entrees and delicious sides. For desert you can’t pass on choosing from their 27 soft serve ice cream flavors! Overlooking the Swan River, it is comfortable, casual and inviting to a party of any size. It’s truly a family favorite!

Sundae School

Every day in the summer and not just on “Sundae’s”, this unique ice cream parlor is a definite stop while vacationing on Cape Cod. Located at 381 Lower County Road, Dennis Port, their ice cream and frozen yogurts are made right on the premises, using only the finest ingredients. They are known for their famous hot fudge sundaes topped with real whipped cream, and their fresh fruit sundaes that will make a great desert or mid-day snack especially on a hot summers afternoon or evening. If you’re an ice cream lover you’ll have a tough time choosing a flavor, but do so before they close!

Relax in Comfort and Style

Our Dennis Port vacation escapes are designed to be lived in, so why don’t you? Open the windows and breathe in the salty ocean air for a good night sleep. Brew a pot of coffee to enjoy with that pastry you picked up at Woolfies Old Fashioned Baking, or simply sit on the couch with a view of the water and a roaring fire in the fireplace. You’ve worked hard this year and deserve to be coddled. Reserve a home that spoils you and your entire family today!