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The best part of any vacation, in our humble opinion, is being able to eat the foods that make that region great: Mexican food in Arizona, barbecue in Texas, comfort foods in the south, and when on Cape Cod, ANYTHING seafood related! We’re surrounded by water; why would we want to try anything else? Fortunately, unlike those other region’s popular foods, seafood is a healthy treat, and if you’re trying to keep an eye on your waistline, you can still do so while on your unforgettable vacation in Chatham. Here’s some Chatham restaurants in the area that offer other healthy choices as well!

Chatham Bars Inn

If you’ve never heard of the Chatham Bars Inn, then chances are someone you know has! Located at 297 Shore Road, this is a Five Star Cuisine offering luxury beachfront and private dining. You will be awed over the breathtaking panoramic views of Chatham Harbor from a high point where the restaurant sits. CBI serves this amazing mouthwatering lobster roll that tastes so rich and delicious you’ll want to have another! This Inn is a landmark in Chatham and the Cape!

The Squire

Situated right in the heart of Main Street in Chatham (487 Main Street), The Squire is a local favorite for dining and entertainment. It’s pub-like atmosphere and casual flair make it cozy and comfortable. It’s open until 1:00am! A guaranteed good time will be had there!

Blue Fins Sushi & Sake Bar

When it comes to fresh Japanese cuisine and an authentic atmosphere, you will not be disappointed with Blue Fins! Located at 513 Main Street, you can stroll and shop all of the quaint and specialty stores and gift shops that line both sides of Main Street, work up an appetite and head over to Blue Fins for a unique lunch or dinner. The seafood doesn’t get any fresher than here on Cape Cod. So indulge!

The Corner Store, 1403 Old Queen Road

Fresh, healthy, and delicious, The Corner Store is mostly a take-out spot, allowing you to enjoy healthy treats in the comfort of your Chatham vacation rental. Famous for their burritos served in a bowl and made with all fresh ingredients, you never knew a dish that is good for you could taste this good!

Organic Market, 1218 Main Street

Offering locally sourced food and juices, Organic Market allows you to stock your NEVR vacation rental with the makings of healthy meals that taste good, or you can just buy their ready-made sandwiches and salads and take them for a picnic on the beach. Fresh food prepared daily will make your palate smile!

Bistro on Main/Chatham Raw Bar, 593 Main Street

You don’t always have to go to a restaurant that serves exclusively healthy or vegan meals, sometimes you can find the right choices at places like Bistro on Main. Let the family explore the fattier options while you stick to the leaner, yet equally delicious meals! The Seafood Papardelle Diablo is chock full of sweet treats from the sea, and the spicy sauce adds a delicious kick to every bite!

The Blue Coral, 483 Main Street

Presentation is as important as taste in this charming eatery located in the downtown area. Offering mostly seafood-based choices, patrons can enjoy a full spectrum of meals that are healthy and delicious. The seared scallop rolls are a local favorite, but you can keep your meal even lighter by choosing a spinach salad and topping it with chicken, shrimp, scallops, or salmon.

The Talkative Pig, 2642 Main Street

Our final Chatham treat is another one where you can choose to behave or choose to be bad. It’s your vacation, and we aren’t going to judge! The good choices found here include a fresh fish of the day meal, tasty salads, and a gluten free pizza—eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you kick pizza to the curb!

Just Down the Street

Our Chatham vacation rentals are located near everything that makes Chatham special, so you’re guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime in one of our classic New England cottages! Our fully equipped kitchens make cooking fun, allowing you the option of creating your own healthy dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Reserve yours today and enjoy a healthy and adventurous Cape Cod vacation!