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One of the best things about traveling is discovering experiences that are unique to your destination. Whether it’s touring a famous brewhouse that creates your favorite beer or sampling a local culinary phenomenon, exploring things made in your vacation destination is easily one of the highlights of any trip—and when you’re on a getaway to Cape Cod, it’s no different! When you’re not adventuring around our stunning natural surroundings, you’ll find a variety of things to do that you can only find on Cape Cod. If you’re someone who adores local experiences, art, and culture, you’ll love discovering all the things made on Cape Cod!

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Visit the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

You’ll surely recognize these potato chips, as they sell in thousands of stores and gas stations all around the country—you might even have had them as a snack on an airplane at a point in time! In the town of Hyannis, which can be found right in the heart of the Cape, you’ll find the fantastic Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory. These chips are made right here in Cape Cod, and they’re a point of local pride. Swing by the factory for self-guided tours, vintage potato chip ads, viewing windows into the factory itself, and a cute little gift shop to browse at the end. You even get a free bag of Cape Cod potato chips with your visit. It’ll be a great memory you can reminisce about when you’re back at home in the chip aisle at the grocery store!

Have Your Mind Blown at the Sandwich Glass Museum

Did you know that the town of Sandwich has a long history with the production of glass goods, dating back to the early 1800s? At the Sandwich Glass Museum, you can learn all about the fascinating history of glass manufacturing in Cape Cod. The museum offers several permanent exhibits, as well as special exhibits. From the history of goods like glassware and lamps to the contemporary art of glass blowing, this museum is perfect for both art and history lovers. You can easily spend an afternoon admiring all of the artifacts and art—when you’re done touring the museum, you can browse the gift shop art and take home your very own unique glass piece. There are even smaller replicas in the gift shop of the art you see in the museum. Truly made in Cape Cod!

Relax at the Treehouse Brewery

It’s not just snacks and art that are made in Cape Cod, as the Treehouse Brewery in Sandwich. In fact, it might even be the perfect stop after touring the glass museum! There’s a lot to love about this brewhouse, which is located right on the shore and offers up terrific views of the sand and shore. The multi-story building boasts a large seaside deck, where you can sip on brews made right in the Cape and enjoy views of the Cape itself. Offering a wide variety of brews you can only get at the brewery, you can purchase your draft beer tickets ahead of time to secure your place with the view. Otherwise, you can also order beer for pickup from their impressive menu! Terrific for both beer aficionados and casual tasters, it’s one of Cape Cod’s best breweries.

Tour the Atwood Museum for a Variety of Cape Cod Wonders

The Atwood Museum can be found in the town of Chatham and is in an old house that was constructed back in the 1750s, offering a glimpse of life from hundreds of years ago. The house is now home to twelve galleries dedicated to Cape Cod history and art, as well as sprawling grounds that include an 18th-century herb garden. It’s a terrific option for those who’d love to learn more about the history of the Cape, and it was quite literally made on the Cape! There’s also a charming gift shop showcasing handmade products from the area. During the warmer weather, it’s a beautiful daytime activity!

Pick Up a Piece of Local Art at Steve Lyons Art Gallery

Checking out an art gallery in town is one of the best ways to experience the local culture, and take a piece home to remind you of your time on the Cape. Offering everything from landscapes of the Cape to abstract works of art, it’s an ideal way to spend the afternoon. Even better, the gallery will ship any piece if you’re worried about being able to transport it home! Pieces from the artist have been exhibited in international galleries around the world, and the gallery features local events and book signings.

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Stay at a Vacation Home Made on the Cape

The best way to stay on Cape Cod is in a stunning private vacation rental—and we have the ultimate selection! Chat with us today to learn more about booking your own!

While Cape Cod is traditionally considered a summer getaway it can also be a romantic winter getaway as cold temps ensure couples will want to be as close to each other as possible. Sitting in front of a crackling fire feeling warm and cozy while the snow drifts gently to the ground just outside is our idea of a perfect winter night and this guide to romantic Cape Cod activities in winter for you to participate in while staying in one of our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal sanctuaries will give you an escape filled with love, romance, and memories.

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The Quickest Way to Your Heart

The actual quote goes along the lines of the quickest way to HIS stomach is through his heart but we know that a romantic meal can make men’s and women’s hearts beat faster and restaurants like Encore in Dennis, and the Brewster Fish House in Brewster know all the tricks to help “young” couples of any age to fall deeply in love! Located on 6A in Dennis Village on the grounds of “Cape Playhouse”, Encore is as charming on the inside as it is on the outside and offers a wonderfully prepared selection of upmarket meat and local seafood as well as an extensive cocktail menu that will warm couples from the inside out. The Brewster Fish House offers another opportunity to dine in a historic home, this one a charming cottage, and features a seafood-centric menu and a beautiful wood bar where you can choose to eat or simply wait for drinks before heading to your table.

Sunsets and Lighthouses

Although you will probably want to spend a lot of your time on Cape Cod inside, we do suggest you get out every once in a while, preferably to watch the sunset over the seas. Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth may be adorned with a festive wreath at Christmas, providing an idyllic background for that first Christmas card picture as a couple and the beaches covered with snow will offer the most romantic walking experience as you cuddle close together, warmly dressed, for a walk along tranquil and quiet beaches.

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Fall in Love with New England Vacation Rentals Seasonal Sanctuaries

As you shop, dine, and explore the wonders of Cape Cod in the winter, coming home to the warmth and comfort found in our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal escapes will provide an extra dose of romance to your love-filled getaway! Watch the sunset from generously sized windows, sip hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire, and share dreams and hopes for the future every night before sleep takes over! Reserve your favorite escape today!

Life is an experience that’s filled with plenty of requirements. The responsibilities we’re held to daily can seem overwhelming at times. That’s what makes a getaway somewhere scenic and exciting so enjoyable! Vacation is a chance to let go of stress, unwind in style, and explore a destination that’s new and inviting without any of those life demands following you around. Making it even more meaningful is often the fact that the choices are entirely yours when it comes to selecting a vacation destination that perfectly matches your interests and style.

While there are plenty of places on the map to choose from that are worth experiencing at one point or another, those with plans to travel this summer or fall who are looking for a place where simple pleasures are magnified at every turn will find everything they’re looking for and more on Cape Cod with our Cape Cod travel guide! Setting your travel sights on this one-of-a-kind destination is sure to be an inspiring choice that offers up much in the way of rest, relaxation, fun, and exploration too. There’s truly something for everyone on Cape Cod, whether you’re in town for the delicious seafood, historical stops, elevated shopping, or options to encounter nature at its very finest.

Cape Cod is a scenic peninsula located off the coast of Massachusetts that’s known as a popular summertime destination but makes just as much of a fun and scenic impact in the fall. Between the collection of quaint villages, towering lighthouses, mouthwatering seafood stops, and beautiful beaches, it’s not hard to see upon arrival why first-time travelers find themselves wanting to return year after year. While many famous names have made their way to Cape Cod over the decades to enjoy a luxurious getaway or two, it remains a place that feels familiar and welcoming, beyond its reputation for being a one-stop resource for luxurious retreating like no other. Across Cape Cod, small moments have the potential to becoming unforgettable life-long memories. Quaint beaches, charming seafood tops, historical sights, and breathtaking wildlife have a way of inspiring that’s unmatched. No matter what else your Cape Cod summer or fall itinerary entails, the following are a few activities and attractions that are sure to elevate the experience further and you definitely won’t want to miss out on while you’re here!

Things to Do While You’re Here

While Cape Cod is visited and referenced frequently by its umbrella name, the area itself is made up of several communities–each hosting its own identity, culture, and undeniable sense of charm! Chatham, Brewster, Harwich, Eastham, Orleans, Hyannis, Dennisport, Truro, West Barnstable, Centerville, Yarmouth, and Provincetown are among the many stops that travelers can make and enjoy when setting their vacation sights on Cape Cod. Because there are so many places to pick from, choosing those activities that speak most closely to interests and intrigue can sometimes seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case! When you make your way to Cape Cod, you never have to travel that far to access the next destination, making it possible to pack a lot of fun into even a short stay with our Cape Cod travel guide.

One of those Cape Cod activities that is universally inviting no matter what village or town you happen to find yourself in is beach-hopping! Cape Cod’s ideal location on and surrounded by pristine waters makes it the perfect place for those with a passion for shoreline adventures to either settle into the sand and work on that amazing tan or jump in the water and go for a swim that puts you up close with some incredible creatures.

If you’re up for exploring some truly incredible sights, stick to the Cape Cod National Seashore, which shouldn’t be hard to do seeing as it stretches 40 miles between Provincetown and Chatham. For a super exclusive beach day, head to North Beach in Chatham which is definitely off the beaten path and only accessible by boat. Those more interested in pairing their tanning with hitting the waves will want to head to East Orleans and check out Nauset Beach which is typically a popular place amongst those with a passion for boogie boarding their way through a sunny summer or fall afternoon. Skaket Beach in Orleans is a great place to find yourself when you’re on the hunt for calm waters and would be interested in checking out smaller flats and tidal pools as well. Kingsbury Beach in Eastham is a good place to go for a beach walk and bring your camera along to capture seabirds along the way. Duck Harbour Beach in on Cape Cod Bay is popular amongst beach hoppers looking for a great view and appreciate warm waters.

For those that enjoying exploring new places on two wheels, Cape Cod in general promises to be a fantastic destination both in the summer and fall for renting a bike and hitting the trails in style. Not to worry, there’s no shortage of routes to pursue whether you’re an avid cyclist or excited to get out and enjoy the weather and views alongside the entire family. That said, one of the most inviting pathways to peddle is by far the Cape Cod Rail Trail. This cycling route is actually built on an old rail bed and offers up 26 miles of trail to be explored at your very own leisurely pace. The trail stretches between Dennis and Wellfleet but in between, there are plenty of stops to be made—many of which happen throughout Chatham. Even the most enthusiastic of cyclist will find it hard to resist the temptation of enjoying some time at one of the several cafes that dot this route. It’s particularly a fun way to spend a day if you find yourself in good company and are looking to balance out physical exercise with some well-earned treats along the way.


Cape Cod Travel Guide: Attractions to Check Out

The natural beauty and sensational scenery of Cape Cod isn’t lost on travelers or those who are local and spend their time on the cape year-round. One of the most mesmerizing destinations in which to take it all in is the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge—a place well worth checking out when you’re in the area in the summer or the fall. This massive wildlife refuge actually encompasses not one, but three entire islands that are situated fairly close to Chatham. Consisting of both salt and freshwater marshes, the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is an incredible habitat for protected seabirds and ecosystems that visitors can enjoy by walking the paths and taking in the sights at will. First established as a refuge in 1944, it continues to be a place that captivates visitor minds and imaginations today-not to mention, plays a vital role in protecting the landscapes and ecosystems that make Cape Cod such a marvel. While visiting the wildlife refuge, it’s entirely possible to set your sights on Piping Plovers, Roseate Tern, the American Oystercatcher, and Red Knots. While these protected birds roam the shoreline and skies, if you keep your eyes peeled on the surrounding waters, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter anything from gray and harbor seals out searching for a bite to whales and dolphins that might breach the waves within sight.

If you happen to find yourself exploring Falmouth in the summer or fall and could use a moment of rest and recuperation in a space that speaks to natural beauty and tranquility, head towards 45 Fells Road where you can spend some quality time Spohr Gardens. This inviting destination covers six acres of woodland terrain and is dotted with delightful daffodils that dot winding pathways complete with benches and natural artifacts and water features to enjoy. The garden was first established in the 1950s and today is owned by a charitable trust and functions as an open space for guests to spend a peaceful moment wandering or in contemplation of nature’s beauty.

For many travelers to Cape Cod, it’s hard to imagine a trip this way without some well-earned time spent at a lighthouse or two. While there are several to choose from, Chatham Lighthouse has that certain something special about it that shouldn’t be missed out on. Standing 43 feet tall, Chatham Lighthouse stands next to its shore station and is easy to identify thanks to its stark white façade. The lighthouse dates back to 1808 and is an incredible local attraction to enjoy, explore, and of course photograph!


Getting out on the water is always a delightful way to spend a vacation on Cape Cod, but there’s something even more exciting about pairing those on-the-water adventures with options to spot a whale or two along the way. Cape Cod enjoys a firm place along many whales’ migration routes and if you find yourself here in the summer or early fall, there’s a good chance of catching a glimpse of a few if you book the right excursion. Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises is a good place to start when you’re excited to get up close to these incredible marine creatures. Humpback whales, finback whales, and even mink whales have been seen from these comprehensive cruises that include insight into whale migration patterns and behaviors. Tours with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises leave from Barnstable Harbor and guests enjoy the experience on board a 130-foot whale watching vessel designed without external propellers to ensure a safe experience for passengers and marine life below. With two captains on board at all times and over 50 years of Cape Cod guide experience, Whale Watcher Cruises offers up a sense of confidence and a legacy of excellence that travelers count on.

For summer and fall travelers to Cape Code looking for something with a bit more speed and adrenaline included on the water, the team at Cape Cod Power Boat Rentals in South Yarmouth is ready and waiting to answer the call to fun. This premier provider of all things powerboat rentals is located at 130 Pleasant Street and is happy to offer rentals that span a few hours, a half-day excursion, or a full day of excitement on the waves.

Restaurants to Enjoy

While getting out and exploring the best of Cape Cod is always a delight whether you’re traveling this way in the summer or fall, no adventure can truly be considered complete without taking some time to enjoy the savory stops along the way as well. Fortunately, Cape Cod is packed with delicious dining destinations to choose from. While it’s possible to find nearly every type of food item one could crave somewhere in this area, there’s something particularly appealing about the fresh-caught fare that’s straight from the sea when you’re visiting a place that showcases the waters at nearly all times. That’s what makes a meal enjoyed at Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster so enjoyable and memorable!

This savory stop can be found at 1291 Main Street Route 28 in Chatham and is open to the dining public daily between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm. Here, guests are invited to indulge their tastebuds by selecting from various fresh-caught fish and seafood dishes that are bound to delight. Whether you go with the Wellfleet oysters, tuna, salmon, calamari, or shrimp, the menu has something for every seafood lover that drops by. The atmosphere is fun while the service is notoriously friend at Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster, making the experience that much more worthwhile!

Places to Stay on the Cape

After a day of exploring Cape Cod, knowing you’re booked into rental accommodations that are not only comfortable and luxurious but conveniently located near those places you can’t wait to explore can elevate your experience even further! When you partner with the property professionals at New England Vacation Rentals, guests can pick and choose from a vast portfolio of property options that span the entire cape and can be customized to meet every traveler’s need and exceed expectations too. Whether it’s a charming bungalow by the water or a multi-level residence complete with a specific view that would make your trip complete, New England Vacation Rentals has the homes and properties to fit every budget and lifestyle. Reach out today to learn more!

Great News! When reserving a New England Vacation Rental you now have Down the Cape Concierge to take care of all of your vacation requests. Our mobile service is here for anything you may need prior to and during your trip. We hope this innovative approach to fulfilling guest requests provides a comparable digital experience to sitting at an actual concierge desk.

Stress-Free Vacation Planning With Local Experts

Down the Cape Concierge has partnered with a variety of local businesses to offer you the very best vacation services and amenities on Cape Cod. We have taken the time and worry away from you, by providing on-demand guest services wherever you are staying. 

Any Request You Have

To guarantee you’re ready for a relaxing vacation prior to getting over the Bridge, we offer multiple Pre-Arrival services. Want the house stocked when you get there? Need a midweek beer run? Last minute items for a family party? Our customizable “Shop & Stock” packages will ensure that the kitchen is filled with all the essentials. Planning any outdoor activities? We can have bikes, kayaks, or SUPs delivered right to your units. Just let us know what you need.

Dining Accommodations & Recommendations

We are also delighted to suggest and secure reservations to any of Cape Cod’s finest restaurants, as we specialize in organizing group dining events. As guests of New England Vacation Rental, you will have access to preferred seating at some of the best dining destinations on the Cape. In the event you will need local transportation, we can book any size or class vehicle you may need. 

Relax and Indulge

Care to indulge yourself in seaside relaxation?  Down the Cape offers a number of in unit spa services, including massages available at your convenience. Need to work off that Fisherman’s Platter? Many of our private service partners include trainers and yoga teachers. Please inquire with our concierge to secure a service prior to your stay. 

Chat With Your Personal Concierge

While you are planning your trip or even if you are already on the Cape feel free to chat with our concierge desk to adjust your itinerary, request assistance with organizing on the fly family parties, even local advice,and suggestions (even traffic shortcuts!).  All of our services can be done right on your phone! Just chat with our concierge desk and we can get started with your itinerary today. Make sure you have the rental address and your confirmation number handy!Down the Cape Travel Guide has curated the best beaches, kids activities, coastal dining, and unique experiences via the Happy Stays X app

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Once again, we are looking forward to having you as our guest here on the Cape and wish you a delightful and memorable stay.

Eat, play, and explore all the Cape has to offer. We’ll do the planning. 

After the holidays, there is always that one moment when we pull on our favorite outfit and come to the realization that said outfit has apparently shrunk in the wash! Buttons won’t button, extra lumps appear where once was smooth, and was this beautiful pair of pants always this short? Of course, then we think back to months of turkey and stuffing, Christmas cookies and winter cocktails, and it all becomes clear: Our overindulgence has created a new and fluffier version of ourselves, and maybe it’s time to get back into the race! Fortunately, the Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay is coming to Cape Cod on February 20th to help those of us who have put on a few pounds.

One of the Most Beautiful Marathons

Runners from all over the world flock to Cape Cod to take part in the Hyannis Marathon. The cooler weather (temperatures average between 22 and 38 degrees) may make this run a bit more difficult, but the views that accompany the course make it worth any extra effort. The John F. Kennedy Memorial brings back memories of a kinder, gentler time in our nation’s history, and although you may not do more than pause as you run by, it gives you an idea of what you can see and do in a return visit. The beaches, the towns, and the all the sights that make Cape Cod a popular vacation destination will work to take your mind off your aching feet as you pass by each, gaining strength with each new view.

26.2, 13.1,  Team Relay or 10K Race

In addition to the timing, there are more than a few reasons this particular activity may become the one you look forward to each year. Offering different lengths that appeal to runners of all skill levels, you can start with the shorter 10K and work up to the impressive full marathon over the years or you can show off your skills by returning to compete in the 26.2-mile full marathon every winter. Being able to run on paved roads eases the wear and tear on ankles and feet, while this mostly flat route doesn’t cause any extra strain on tired athletes. Signing up for the team relay makes this a great team building experience for companies, and for those who just like to run fast, the 10K will be the perfect option.

Limited Registrations for Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay

Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay is very popular, but the number of participants is limited to 400 runners for the full marathon, 2500 runners for the half, and 75 teams of two to four runners in the relay, so signing up now before it’s too late is important. Some of our hardier members of our New England Vacation Rentals staff are thinking about signing up as well; we hope to see you there and to host you in one of our beautiful rentals!

The icy beauty of a cold winter’s day on Cape Cod is a sight you’ll never forget, and if you’re one who doesn’t believe in following the crowds, a winter getaway to Cape Cod is the perfect adventure for you! Offering lower prices, fewer crowds, and the opportunity to live like the residents do (if only for a week!), this season is our favorite time of the year. Take the chance to discover all of the things to do on Cape Cod for the best time of year!

Snowy Beaches Photograph Beautifully

In case you wondered, a snow-covered beach photographs just as beautifully as one on a summer’s day; the tan sand peaking through the white blanket, the steel gray skies matching the steel gray waters, and if you are in Chatham, the crisp white of the lighthouse rises strong and proud, next to the keeper’s house with its brick red roof. The stark beauty of a winter beach will shine through even on a cell phone camera and may change your mind as to when your favorite time to visit may be!

Learn to Ride a Horse

Vacations are about trying new things, right? So why not take advantage of the horseback lessons offered by Emerald Hollow Farm in Brewster? A one-hour private lesson costs $70 and involves all aspects of riding. Grooming, tacking, and handling is included in this lesson, but if you just want to ride, a 45-minute private lesson, still costing $70, is completely devoted to riding. And who knows? Maybe this will be a hobby you can take up in earnest upon your return home!

Warm Up from the Inside Out with a Visit to Devil’s Purse Brewing Co

When the mercury is dropping and the snow is falling, staying warm may be of utmost importance, and when you explore the beers brewed on the premises of Devil’s Purse Brewing Co, you’re sure to be toasty! Located at 120 Great Western Road in South Dennis, the only food served here is chips and jerky, but they do offer food truck events every so often. But if the beer is what you are here for, their taps are ever-changing and include delicious brews such as Handline Kolsch, Pity Party IPA, and Shore Laddie Porter! Also offering growler refills and kegs for rent, your winter nights on the cape promise to stay quite warm after a visit to the Devil’s Purse.

Beauty in All Things to Do on Cape Cod

Cape Cod offers a different kind of charm in the winter, but it’s one we welcome with open arms. Warmer weather is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for you to join us on the Cape for another memorable vacation in one of our waterview rentals! Call us today and book a stay today and enjoy all of the things to do on Cape Cod!

You may not normally think of Cape Cod as a place to travel during the winter, but it happens to be one of our favorite times of the year in the area, and we think it will be yours too, once you try it! The crowds dwindle as the temperatures fall and the sense of community rises, and although many places do close the doors to the snow and cold, the ones that stay open offer that inimitable spirit that only comes from experiencing the wonder that is a Cape Cod winter. And when you realize that Cape Cod is most beautiful during this chilly season, staying in one of our New England Vacation Rentals winter escapes will make your Cape Cod getaway a warm, cozy, and exciting adventure!

Staying Warm with Style

Our homes offer warmth and style even on the coldest days of the year! Fireplaces in many aren’t just for romance and beauty; they warm up the room and those who occupy the space! Sitting on the comfortable sofas with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book can be a vacationer’s favorite activity when the snow is falling heavily. Bake a batch of cookies to go with that cocoa in our fully equipped kitchens, put together puzzles on the large dining tables, and when night falls and your eyes are slowly drifting closed, sleep deeply under heavy blankets, staying warm and cozy through sunrise the next morning.

Venturing Out

If you remember to bundle up, your adventures beyond the boundaries of our winter escapes will be fun, exciting, and varied! Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa made by someone else at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow (5 Old Colony Way in Orleans), or take in a movie at the historic Chatham Orpheum Theater located at 637 Main Street. Since its opening day in 1916, this theater has been the center of fun in town, offering live events, new release movies, and a café serving many of our favorite winter dishes. Days spent exploring the Cape’s museums can take you to Brewster for the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History or to Dennis for the Cape Cod Museum of Art, while your after sunset adventures could be as simple and as enjoyable as enjoying a beer and some pub grub at the Hot Stove Saloon located at 551 MA-28 #4 in Harwich Port.

Choose a Cape Cod Getaway for Winter

Reserve your Cape Cod getaway today!

The holidays are just around the corner, and we Americans are happy to find any reason to celebrate—especially if it means we can escape our real lives and head somewhere new, exotic, and wonderful! Somewhere, like Cape Cod, maybe? Life is different on the Cape, and whether you have visited a million times before or this will be your first holiday getaway with us, your holiday experience will be forever changed by a stay on Cape Cod, especially when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for accommodations during Cape Cod holidays!

Adventures During Cape Cod Holidays

The fall and winter holidays shine brightly on Cape Cod, bringing about a sense of family, love, and cheer to your heart. Thanksgiving feasts enjoyed around the table of one of our New England Vacation Rentals holiday escapes, the arrival of the Cape Cod Christmas Tree at Christmas, even the sounds of neighbors coming out at midnight to cheer the new year prove that a holiday on Cape Cod is better than elsewhere, and our homes add an extra bit of celebration to any holiday! Whether you decide on staying in your home away from home or going out for a night on a town, your holiday options are endless on Cape Cod, and we are here to help ensure your stay is a memorable one!

Our Homes Make the Difference

Choices are important, and while you could consider other rentals for Cape Cod holidays, chances are you would be disappointed if you did! Our homes offer that extra something that makes you feel comfortable and at home as well as treasured and spoiled! Fully equipped kitchens are perfect spaces to create your favorite holiday feast or to simply enjoy reheated leftovers from the Impudent Oyster by the light of the stove in the middle of the night. Comfy furniture invites you to sink in and stay awhile, and when you choose a waterfront home, views of the water will feed your soul. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, choosing New England Vacations Rentals will ensure your getaway is the best it can be!

Reserve the Best

When it’s time to start planning your holiday escape to Cape Cod, New England Vacation Rentals should be the place you start. Reserve your stay with us today!

Although it may seem as if school has barely started, it’s time to start planning your Fall Break getaway to Cape Cod, and believe us, you’ll be ready for it once that time gets here! The beginning of the school year is often the most difficult part of the year as we get back into the routines we let go slack over the summer—early wake-ups, school meetings, after school activities—it’s tiring just writing about it, let alone living it! Knowing you have a break from the pressure and stress, however, makes it bearable, and when you follow our guide to a family Cape Cod vacation this fall, your return to the real world after will be much easier to handle!

Yarmouth Seaside Festival, October 12-14

When an event has been going on for over 40 years, you know it must be doing something right, and the Yarmouth Seaside Festival is a prime example! Offering loads of exciting activities geared towards families, the festival allows guests to feel a part of the Cape Cod community as they take part in boat races and sandcastle contests. Also featuring kids’ activities, delicious foods, and a bonfire on the beach, your weekend on the Cape keeps getting better!

Cranberry Bog Tours

Fall is such a beautiful time on Cape Cod and getting outside to enjoy it will be the best part of your Massachusetts getaway—especially when you take part in a Cranberry Bog Tour in Harwich! In our experience, children love to learn how things are built or grown; seeing the process from seed to harvest gives them an exciting insight to the world and the farm store allows you to continue their education with a taste of the sweet stuff! The jams, honeys, and soaps (yes, we said soaps!) offered are the perfect finishing touch to your tour! Make your reservations today on their website.

The Atwood Museum

Children and museums aren’t always the best pairing, but a visit to the Atwood Museum in Chatham is one everyone will enjoy! Offering a peek into the past that will fascinate the adults and the opportunity to play with paper dolls, make music from bells, and win a prize in a scavenger hunt for kids, Atwood is the perfect spot to kill a few hours on a chilly or rainy fall day!

Bringing Families Together

When the sun begins its final descent for the day, coming home to our New England Vacation Rentals fall escapes ensures that the good times will continue. Reserve your stay with us today and enjoy a wonderful family Cape Cod vacation for fall!

The crisp nights and lack of summer crowds are just part of why the fall is one of our favorite seasons to experience Cape Cod. The city opens up with a variety of activities and attractions that are perfect for all ages. Here are some of our favorite Cape Cod fall activities for you to enjoy:

Annual Cape Cod Brew Fest

Let’s start with the adults. Each year the citizens of Cape Cod get together to celebrate their love for craft beer. This exciting festival takes place at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds, letting you soak in the perfect temperature outdoors. The Cape Cod Brew Fest even features plenty of live entertainment, live music, food trucks, local vendors, and so much more. Best of all, attendees will take home a custom pint glass to show off at home. Enjoy this year’s Cape Cod Brew Fest on September 21st.

Pick Out a Pumpkin

Nothing says fall quite like picking out your favorite pumpkin to carve or make a delicious pie with. Take your family pumpkin picking at local Cape Cod farms. Cobwebb Farm is located in West Barnstable and lets you pick out a pumpkin, enjoy a hayride, and much more. Other local farms include Coonamessett Farm and Bourne Farm, where you can spend hours picking local pumpkins and produce. This is a great activity to get your kids outdoors and truly enjoy the gorgeous fall temperatures on Cape Cod.

Take a Ghost Tour

The East Coast is the root of our nation, and with that storied history comes several reports of haunted locations around Cape Cod. Barnstable Village is the perfect place to enjoy a Haunted History Tour which will take you through multiple locations known for their spooky ghost stories. Stops along the way include the Cobb’s Hill Cemetery, Barnstable Tavern & Restaurant, and more. Tickets start at just $15 for adults and $8 for children.

Tour the Cape Farm & Cranberry Company

Everyone loves cranberries, so take advantage of the fall season and tour the Cape Farm & Cranberry Company. This local bog and farm is open throughout the year but the tours are truly special during the fall season. See how these delicious berries are foraged and the large role they play in Cape Cod’s commercial industry.

Cape Cod This Fall

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