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There is no wrong time of year to visit Cape Cod but the summer season will always be our favorite. The weather is beautiful and you will find there to be plenty of exciting activities and events taking place in the area. Take a look at the Cape Cod summer happenings below:

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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest

Come enjoy the celebration of Cape Cod’s signature blue, white, and pink flowers, Hydrangeas, with the annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest taking place every summer. This 10-day festival features a variety of exciting activities including daily tours of private gardens that showcase these beautiful flowers. The rest of the festival features exciting workshops and lectures, painting demonstrations, and promotions with local nurseries. The Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest is the perfect event for those with a green thumb. The festival will take place July 7th through the 16th 2023 at a variety of locales around Cape Cod.

Shop Commercial Street

There is no place better to spend a few hours shopping than Commercial Street. This local neighborhood is home to a variety of locally owned shops where you can find practically anything. The summer season is when Commercial Street is at its busiest so you can expect each shop to be open for most of the day. Pick up some souvenirs or find some hand-crafted items to bring back home.

Take a Walk on Race Point Beach

Cape Cod is home to many beautiful beaches but one of the most popular ones to visit is Race Point Beach. This gorgeous area is always pristine and makes for the perfect spot for a summer walk. Enjoy the warm summer air and wade your feet into the cool ocean water. Take a look out in the distance for local birds flying in the skies or ships traveling in the distance. Race Point Beach is always a relaxing time when you visit.

Visit Heritage Museums and Gardens

Another spot for a relaxing yet memorable time is Heritage Museums and Gardens. These are not your standard gardens and instead are an incredible display of beautiful flora and flowers. The outdoor discovery center is perfect for children and will teach them a thing or two about the area. You cannot pass up a time to visit this beautiful location.

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We like to think we are pretty lucky when it comes to summer here on the Cape. With average temperatures topping out in the high 70s, we stay comfortably cool the entire season! With that being said, however, there are going to be times when the highs go a little higher and you may find yourself seeking some chill relief. In those cases, cool treats are the perfect way to beat the Cape Cod summer heat, and because you don’t have to be hot to need cool, these sassy delights will be enjoyable no matter how high the thermometer’s red line reaches!

Which Way to the Beach?

The beaches of Cape Cod are beautiful in every season, but during the summer is when they shine. Spending a day soaking up the rays, frolicking in the surf, or simply walking along shore’s edge is our favorite way to fully enjoy the promise of a summer day! From Nauset Beach in Orleans to Lighthouse Beach in Chatham to Red River Beach in Harwich, your day in the sun will only get better when you choose a Cape Cod beach on which to enjoy it during your stay in one of our Harwich villas!

Summer + Ice Cream = Perfection

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that turn a great day into an idyllic one you’ll never forget: the laughter of small children as they discover the wonders of a tidal pool, sharing a perfect Cape Cod sunset with the love of your life, and the taste and feel of an ice cream on a hot summer’s day! When it’s time to get your sweet treat fix, Sundae School Ice Cream Parlor, found in multiple locations across the Cape, including Harwich Port, Dennis Port, and East Orleans, is where you need to visit first! Offering a huge selection of flavors, the frozen pudding is one all adults should try; featuring rum and candied fruits, there is nothing we can hate about it!

Summer is All About the Beach Bar

Sitting at a table with your toes in the sand, a cold drink in hand, the ocean breezes ruffling your hair, and the music of the seas playing a nonstop concert for all your senses is the summer moment you will never forget, and Sundancer’s in West Dennis is the spot to be! Located at 116 Main Street along Route 28 and offering live entertainment, great food, and views you could stare at forever, this is where you will often find the NEVR staff enjoying a Tuesday night in the summer!

Nothing’s Cooler

Finally, our Cape Cod summer escapes are the places that offer the coolest treats. Comfortable, stylish, and designed for today’s travelers needs, there’s nothing better on the Cape. Reserve your rental with New England Vacation Rentals today!

For as many decades as we care to count, Cape Cod has been the place for family vacations, and when it’s time to start planning your annual summer getaway, the only decision you really need to make is one: When can you get away? Offering summer Cape Cod adventures you’ll never forget, following this guide to our summer attractions will ensure every minute of your vacation will be filled with fun and laughter. And when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your home away from home, your getaway will just keep getting better!

Summer Whale Watching

From April through October the opportunity to watch the whales will be plentiful, especially during the summer months. Charter a tour through Monomoy Sportsfishing in Chatham and let the knowledgeable and responsible guides lead you to the places the whales like to frolic. Be careful to keep from doing anything to harm these massive creatures.

Ahoy There, Mateys!

Rainy days can put a monkey wrench in your summer activities, but your ace in the hole will be a visit to the Whydah Pirate Museum in Yarmouth, which holds real pirate treasures and genuine artifacts that include cannons and pistols salvaged from pirate ships! If the rain stays away, this interesting museum is the perfect way to say farewell to Cape Cod; your last day won’t be so sad when you participate in this summer activity!

The Show Must Go On

Summer theater has been a Cape Cod tradition almost as long as we have been a vacation destination and the Cape Playhouse, located in Dennis, offers the best shows in town. Take in a Broadway show and marvel at the talented performers, who we think could star anywhere in the world; it’s a tribute to the Cape that they choose to stay here and perform for you!

Which Way to the Beach?

Summer isn’t summer on Cape Cod without a trip to the beach, and no matter which of our NEVR vacation escapes you are staying in, we can promise that the beach is pretty much right around the corner! From the two freshwater beaches in Brewster to the cold or warm water beaches in Orleans to the beach that houses the famous Chatham Lighthouse, it won’t be long till you feel your toes sinking in the sand!

The Pleasures of Home

After a day at the beach or hours spent exploring what the pirates have lost, finding your way back to your NEVR summer escape promises to be the highlight of your day! Comfortable, stylish, and designed to spoil our guests, our homes will take your vacation experience and Cape Code adventures to the next level of wonderful. We offer a vast selection of vacation rentals, including four-bedroom and five-bedroom rentals. Reserve yours today!