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We at New England Vacation Rentals love everything about love, and our Cape Cod sanctuaries reflect that passion for the emotion, offering comfort, style, and all the little things that make couples feel the love they are already expressing for each other. Honeymooners often find their way to our doorsteps, knowing they will feel appreciated and treasured when they stay with us and if your upcoming escape to the Cape is your first journey after the big day or even if you are celebrating many years of blissful couple-ness, the adventures you enjoy can be romantic ones as well. This ultimate and comprehensive guide to romance on Cape Cod will ensure that the heat of your love for each other will blaze strong and true every minute of your stay!

Romantic Activities Outside

The beauty of Cape Cod is best experienced while playing outside and these romantic outdoor activities show off our Cape home at its best.

A Bicycle Built for Two

Love is in the air and what better way to explore Cape Cod than with a bike ride, a tandem bike even, taking you across Cape Cod two wheels at a time? The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a 25.5-mile-long paved biking trail that takes riders through many of the towns that dot our landscape, including Yarmouth, Dennis, and Brewster. Didn’t pack your tandem bike in your carry-on? That’s no problem, all you need to do is stop by Dennis Cycle Center, offering two locations on the Rail Trail in Dennis and Brewster. Offering a truly magnificent selection of bicycles for rent, their tandem bikes are very popular!

Climb the Pilgrim Monument, 1 High Pole Hill Road in Provincetown

Not many people know this, but although the Pilgrims officially landed in Plymouth, they actually made a pitstop in Provincetown first, and the Pilgrim Monument, offering 116 steps and standing 252 feet into the sky, is an homage to their bravery. Now, anyone who stepped aboard a stair climber at the gym may be asking what is romantic about climbing a bunch of stairs, and while we agree that the climbing part isn’t that much fun, when you reach the pinnacle of this monument and the views of Cape Cod and the sea stretch out before you, you will forget your aching muscles, your too-rapidly-beating heart, and the fact that you are still finding it difficult to catch your breath, and fall in love. The views from the top are almost as lovely as your beautiful traveling companion and if you haven’t asked the most important question of your life as of yet, this might be the place to do so!

Picnic at Doane Rock Picnic Area, 520 Doane Road in Eastham

Located just a short hike from Coastguard Beach, the Doane Rock Picnic Area provides a beautiful and secluded spot to enjoy a quiet picnic for two under the shelter of a tin-roofed pavilion. Prepare a feast in the fully equipped kitchen of your honeymoon hideaway or stop by Macs Market & Kitchen (4680 State Highway) and order something to devour from their grab and go menu. After your romantic picnic, it is only a short walk through cool woods to reach Coastguard Beach, and as the sea suddenly appears to you in all its magnificence, there is only one thing left to do: Grab hold of your lover’s hand and spend more quiet moments walking along shore’s edge, letting the moments fill your heart and shine from your eyes, much like the sun glistens off the ocean.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm, Off Weston Woods Road

If you really want to impress that special person in your life, you need to do more than bring flowers; you need to take them to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm! Immersing yourselves in the vibrant purple of lavender in bloom, the farm lays claim to over 7000 plants and is open daily from March through December. The aromatic flowers are harvested from the end of June to the middle of July. Offering an enchanted garden and a shop where they sell lavender related items, including shirts that are the color of the blooms, skin care, food items, and even books written by local authors, couples will make magical memories at the farm.

Some Indoor Fun for the Two of You

Romance isn’t limited to the outside areas of Cape Cod, and on rainy days or even days that may feel a little too warm, these indoor activities will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Barnstable Comedy Club, 3171 Main Street in Barnstable

Relationships need to be fed regularly with a diet consisting of kind words, loving embraces, and laughter, and your romantic getaway to Cape Cod will provide plenty of the latter when you visit the Barnstable Comedy Club. This volunteer-driven community theater has been making people laugh for over 100 years, (yes, you read that right) and the shows held here have always been top notch, ensuring your date night will be special.

Wellfleet Cinemas, 51 US-6 in Wellfleet

Although New England Vacation Rentals doesn’t currently offer any properties in the town of Wellfleet, we do offer more than a few in Eastham, located less than 10 minutes away, making an evening at the drive-in a very doable and very romantic activity. Drive-in theaters have disappeared from the American landscape in most states, although they did enjoy a brief resurgence during the pandemic, and through it all, Wellfleet Cinemas has stayed strong and proud since opening in 1957. Showing first-run double features all summer long during the daytime hours (the theater is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day), the Wellfleet Flea Market is held where the cars will be parked at night, offering another romantic activity for you and your favorite traveling partner to partake in.

Tree House Brewing Company, 98 Town Neck Road in Sandwich

Having fun together is key to any successful relationship, and what could be more fun than sitting on a patio overlooking the sea while staring into each other’s eyes and sharing mugs of local beer? Tree House Brewing Company sits on the sandy beaches of Sandwich, and they also offer beer to go, so if you are anxious to get back to your New England Vacation Rentals love nest but are kind of craving some cold beers, order your favorite flavor from the Tree House web site and stop by on your way home from your romantic adventures.

Most Romantic Beaches

A sunset walk on the beach is one of the most romantic activities, and although all the beaches of Cape Cod are romantic in one way or the other, the list below features some of our favorites.

Monument Beach in Bourne

In the daylight hours, the sandy shores of Monument Beach will be filled with families and sandcastles and the sounds of happy travelers enjoying the magic of the sea. But when the sea begins to calm and sailboats can be seen bobbing peacefully in the glassy waters, the families head home and Mother Nature’s greatest performance will appear to be for your eyes only.

First Encounter Beach in Eastham

This beach is known for being the spot the pilgrims first encountered the Native Americans who were the first settlers of the area, and a tablet actually marks the spot. This most definitely isn’t the first encounter you will have shared with your partner in life, but knowing you are standing together in a place where our country began will definitely become a memorable part of your own history as a couple.

Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth

Also known as Wood’s Hole, Gray’s Beach offers a boardwalk that encourages slow wandering and lots of handholding for couples. The boardwalk offers incredible views of the sea and the creatures that make the sea their home and when the sun begins to set, the sky turns to fire, and your favorite person smiles into your eyes, it just may become your most favorite moment of all!

Sunset Cruises

We do talk about sunset a lot on Cape Cod, and when you see your first, you will understand our obsession with them. A sunset cruise is probably our second favorite way to enjoy the sight, and these next companies offer ones that will enhance your vacation experience.

Bay Spirit Tours, 180 Ocean Street Slip #1 in Hyannis

Offering sunset cruises from Memorial Day through the first week or so in October, ticket prices are quite reasonable ($40 for adults, $38 for seniors), proving once again that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show off your romantic side. Playing soft music and serving beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks at the downstairs bar, there is no narration for this tour, but because it takes cruisers past the Kennedy Compound, they do let you know when it is near so you can check it out for yourself.

Cape Cod Catamaran Sailing Charters in Wellfleet

Sunset cruises by their very nature are designed to be romantic but when you want to take the romance factor to the next level of wow, a sunset sail from Catamaran Sailing Charters should be the direction you turn. Also offering morning and midafternoon charters which are worth taking a look at, for an authentic Cape Cod experience you and your favorite human will fall in love all over again as you sail across the waters watching the sky turn to fire. They don’t offer a bar on board, but guests are invited to bring their own food and drink, so maybe a picnic dinner will be in your future, a picnic dinner enjoyed as the sun sets over the sea.

Lobster Roll Cruises in East Dennis

Lobster Roll Cruises serves as the perfect lead into our final topic, romantic meals, but since it falls under the sunset cruise category, we will leave it right here. Cruising out of Sesuit Harbor, enjoying cocktails, wine, beer, and cocktails from your choice of two separate bars. Also serving a menu of fresh and delicious foods, your evening adventures will be fulfilling and fiery.

Sharing a Meal with the One You Love

No romantic trip to Cape Cod would be complete without a fabulous meal from any of the restaurants listed below. Be sure to save room for dessert and finish off your night with a moonlit walk along the beach.

Spinnaker Restaurant, 2019 Main Street in Brewster

Offering views of the harbor and a menu filled with Italian favorites and seafood harvested from the waters around Cape Cod, their selections change regularly, and their desserts are always on point. Their Chef’s Cheesecake of the Day is worth returning more than once, just to sample the new flavors.

Twenty-Eight Atlantic, 2173 MA-28 in Harwich

This seasonal favorite, only open during the summer months, is acclaimed for being the go-to special occasion restaurant and is perfect for celebrating your love. The only Forbes Five-Star rated restaurant on Cape Cod, Twenty-Eight Atlantic has also been voted most romantic, ensuring that your dining experience will be one that you never forget. Their menu is a prix-fixe menu with three courses.

Encore Bistro & Bar, 36 Hope Lane in Dennis, Open Daily

Encore Bistro & Bar is housed in a charming and classic New England style cottage, but as you walk through the arched trellis covered in climbing vines, you won’t have to worry about your vacation budget as this trendy spot offers moderately priced meals. Its menu is a blend of Italian and American favorites, and although they don’t offer a dessert menu, their specialty cocktails including the Brown Buttered Old Fashion and Espresso Martini will provide a sweet finish to your meal.

Our New England Vacation Rentals Romantic Love Nests

Every adventure is a romantic one when spent with the one you love most in our Cape Cod cozy love nests. Reserve your favorite today and fall in love all over again in comfort and style.

While Cape Cod is traditionally considered a summer getaway it can also be a romantic winter getaway as cold temps ensure couples will want to be as close to each other as possible. Sitting in front of a crackling fire feeling warm and cozy while the snow drifts gently to the ground just outside is our idea of a perfect winter night and this guide to romantic Cape Cod activities in winter for you to participate in while staying in one of our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal sanctuaries will give you an escape filled with love, romance, and memories.

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The Quickest Way to Your Heart

The actual quote goes along the lines of the quickest way to HIS stomach is through his heart but we know that a romantic meal can make men’s and women’s hearts beat faster and restaurants like Encore in Dennis, and the Brewster Fish House in Brewster know all the tricks to help “young” couples of any age to fall deeply in love! Located on 6A in Dennis Village on the grounds of “Cape Playhouse”, Encore is as charming on the inside as it is on the outside and offers a wonderfully prepared selection of upmarket meat and local seafood as well as an extensive cocktail menu that will warm couples from the inside out. The Brewster Fish House offers another opportunity to dine in a historic home, this one a charming cottage, and features a seafood-centric menu and a beautiful wood bar where you can choose to eat or simply wait for drinks before heading to your table.

Sunsets and Lighthouses

Although you will probably want to spend a lot of your time on Cape Cod inside, we do suggest you get out every once in a while, preferably to watch the sunset over the seas. Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth may be adorned with a festive wreath at Christmas, providing an idyllic background for that first Christmas card picture as a couple and the beaches covered with snow will offer the most romantic walking experience as you cuddle close together, warmly dressed, for a walk along tranquil and quiet beaches.

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Fall in Love with New England Vacation Rentals Seasonal Sanctuaries

As you shop, dine, and explore the wonders of Cape Cod in the winter, coming home to the warmth and comfort found in our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal escapes will provide an extra dose of romance to your love-filled getaway! Watch the sunset from generously sized windows, sip hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire, and share dreams and hopes for the future every night before sleep takes over! Reserve your favorite escape today!

The world is a busy place and there will always be meetings to go to, school events you must attend, and chores to be done, but that person sitting across the breakfast table from you every morning deserves something more. She (or he!) has worked unfailingly beside you, ensuring that every mundane detail in your busy life is taken care of. From doctor’s appointments to remembering the big school project, all while working a full-time job, your life partner never quits. And today, we think it’s time to thank that special person with a Cape Cod romantic getaway for two. This guide will help ensure that this trip is an extraordinary one that will never be forgotten!

Breakfast in Bed

The fully-equipped kitchen in your New England Vacation Rentals romantic escape makes it fun and easy to whip up some French toast for the love of your life; all you need to do is pick up the supplies at the nearest Shaw’s (They also sell pastries if cooking isn’t your thing!). There’s nothing better than awakening to the smell of French toast or a freshly heated muffin, and who knows? Maybe she will return the favor on day two!

Bike Ride a Deux

The best way to explore the beauty of Cape Cod with the love of your life is aboard two wheels, and it’s easy to find bike rental shops, no matter which village you are staying in. The Rail Trail Bike & Kayak Shop, located at 302 Underpass Road in Brewster, offers direct access to the Cape Cod Rail Trail and also offers tandem bikes if you want to take romance to the next level of wonder! In the summer, wear a swimsuit under your street clothes and stop for a swim in Seymour Pond; sandy beaches and sunny skies add to the romance of this Cape Cod romantic getaway!

Sunset Walk on the Beach

As the sun sets over the Cape, a simple stroll along the beach is the best way to re-spark the embers of your romance. Hold hands as you walk along the shore’s edge, watching the fiery show off yet another ending to yet another day in paradise. No one will blame you for not being able to resist stealing a kiss. You made the right choice all those years ago and it shows in the smile on your face and the fullness of your heart.

Quiet Conversations and Private Jokes During Your Cape Cod Romantic Getaway

It’s the little moments you share with your partner in life that often have the biggest impact: murmured conversations before falling asleep, private jokes that no one else understands when you dissolve into giggles, and a special Cape Cod romantic getaway that will remind you how lucky you are. Spending your getaway in one of our New England Vacation Rentals honeymoon hideaways promises to be the second-best idea you’ve made in your lifetime—reserve yours today!