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Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and colorful decorations hanging in the windows of local businesses are all signs that the new season is upon us, and although the end of October generally signifies the end of the tourist rush, it also signifies the start of our favorite time of the year! Late fall and winter, and the accompanying activities and events that take place during these seasons, offer a chance for visitors to experience the true beauty of Cape Cod. This is the time when peace and tranquility take the place of the rush and noise of our still beautiful summer days, and when you take part in these in upcoming seasonal Cape Cod events, you may discover that this season is your favorite as well!

Brewster Baptist Church Holiday Fair, November 2, 1848 Main Street #1827

This annual event is coming up rather soon, and although you may miss it this year, it’s never too soon to start planning for 2020! This is one of the biggest holiday fairs on Cape Cod, and it offers the perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping that you swore you would start early this year! Also featuring a farm stand and a silent auction and lasting from 9AM until 3PM, proceeds go to a worthy cause, allowing you to do a good deed as you have a good time!

Dennis Maritime Museum Christmas Open House, December 14, 67 School Street

Offering the chance to celebrate the holiday and to explore the maritime history of the area, the Dennis Maritime Museum Christmas Open House is a fun and festive event guaranteed to be enjoyed by the entire family! The non-shoppers can explore the exhibits while shoppers pick up the little gifts and treasures that give vacationing more purpose!

Chatham’s Christmas by the Sea Stroll Weekend, December 13 & 14, Downtown and Kate Gould Park

As the snow falls gently onto the Cape Cod landscape, the stores of Chatham band together to offer a seasonal selection of Christmas merchandise that make perfect gifts for the family back home. This straight-out-of-a-Christmas-card event offers sweet treats, carolers, horse drawn carriages, a tree-lighting ceremony, and a chance to meet Santa at the bandstand. It’s our favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, and it will soon be yours too!

Enjoy This Season’s Cape Cod Events

Choose fall or winter for your Cape Cod getaway and a stay in our New England Vacation Rentals classic escapes for a vacationing experience you will never forget. Contact us today to reserve your rental and to learn more about Cape Cod events!

Summers on Cape Cod are already the all-American experience of your dreams, so it only makes sense to celebrate that all-American holiday, 4th of July, right here with us at New England Vacation Rentals. Offering a place to stay where the days seem to stretch on forever and the nights are dark and romantic, the colorful fireworks shows associated with our nation’s birthday will add the perfect ending touch to yet another perfect day in paradise. Our guide to the 4th of July on Cape Cod will ensure you won’t miss out on a single moment of Independence Day fun. Isn’t it time to start making your plans today?

Everyone Loves a Parade for 4th of July on Cape Cod

After a patriotic breakfast of blueberry-topped pancakes with whipped cream (make your own in the kitchen of your NEVR holiday escape!), it’s time to head over to Main Street in Orleans for the annual Independence Day Parade! Featuring marching bands and fire trucks, colorful floats, and classic cars, the fun starts at 10 AM, but you’re going to want to get there early to stake your spot!

Because It’s Important to Have Choices

Orleans isn’t the only place in town offering a 4th of July on Cape Cod Parade; Chatham’s offers its own patriotic parade that also happens to be one of the oldest in the country! This year’s theme is all about honoring our courageous soldiers from today, yesterday, and of course tomorrow, so if you or someone in your family falls into one of those categories, Chatham is where you’ll want to be on July 4th from 9:30 until 11:30 AM. Those of us at New England Vacation Rentals even participate in this great parade every year!

Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, and Beer

American celebrations are 50% about the event, 50% about the people, and 100% about the food and drink. Hey, no one claimed we were mathematicians, but we certainly know our parties! Your 4th of July fun can be had right at home with food you purchased at one of the grocery stores found nearest your vacation getaway, or you can visit the Dog House at 189 Lower County Road in Dennis Port for your hot dog fix, followed up with a visit to Sundae School Ice Cream at 381 Lower County Road. And as for the beer? Try the Sand Dollar Bar & Grill, 244 Lower County Road, and celebrate the 4th in the way that makes you happiest!

But What About the Fireworks?

4th of July on Cape Cod would just be another day without a firework show, and while it can be fun to watch with the crowds, in many of our homes, all you need to do is step outside the door and look to the sky! As the sky lights up with colorful explosions, take a moment to be grateful. Choosing NEVR for your holiday escape was the best decision you’ve made all year! Learn more about us!

It’s always a great time to visit Cape Cod, but some parts of the year offer different benefits. Obviously, summer is a fantastic time due to warmer temperatures and more beach time. Fall offers the changing of the leaves, while spring offers the promise of new beginnings. But in addition to these wonderful natural events, parts of the year are better because of the events that are taking place. Because of that, we are offering this list of five upcoming events you won’t want to miss to help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cape Cod!

6th Annual Chocolate Fest

There are few things in life that are better than chocolate. As a matter of fact, no matter how hard we try, we can’t even think of one, which means this celebration of all things chocolate is at the top of our can’t-miss list! Held in South Dennis at the Ring Brothers Marketplace on February 10 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, this festival is worth planning a vacation around. Chocolate beer, chocolate desserts, and a hot chocolate bar are just a few of the sweet treats you can expect!

Cape Cod National Seashore Winter Film Festival

This festival ensures that you don’t miss a thing. Held every Sunday from January 21st through February 25th at the Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham, showings of nature documentaries are 100% free!

Cape Cod Maritime Days

The month of May is the one we choose to honor our heritage. Living on an island means the sea is how many of our ancestors made a living over the years, and this event is held all over Cape Cod in nearly every village. Museums offer special exhibits, special cruises around the harbor are offered, and there’s even a special Maritime History Symposium scheduled for your educational entertainment.

Cape Cod Baseball League

Opening day is June 12th, and every baseball fan on the Cape tries to attend all the games. This is where many of the past, present, and future stars of baseball show what they are made of as they connect their wooden bats with the balls (no aluminum bats allowed in the CCBL) and knock them out of the park! If you have never heard of the Cape Cod Baseball League, you may not be a true fan!

Independence Day on Cape Cod

It goes without saying that 4th of July on Cape Cod is beyond exciting and wonderful; the birth of our country happened not far away, and we are proud of our contributions to our country’s freedom. Expect old-fashioned parades with bikes, carriages, local children, lemonade and hot dogs, and a show that will knock your socks off!

As the Sun Sets on Another Cape Cod Event

You’ll be glad you thought ahead and reserved a classic New England Vacation Rentals home. Reserve yours today and start preparing for your unforgettable vacation!

New Year’s has come and gone, and with it comes the excitement of a new year. It’s a time to start fresh, and what better way to do so than with a visit to Cape Cod? Although Cape Cod might not be the first place that comes to mind for a vacation in winter—it can be tempting to stay inside when it’s cold out—there are more than a few fun things that’ll convince you to go out and share in the excitement!

Cape Cod has long been a place to escape the daily dreariness of normal life, and it makes for a great destination to start off the new year as well! Read on below and see why you should experience a Cape Cod New Years in 2018.

Historical Significance

Being located in New England, Cape Cod has a long, important history in this country. You’ll find more than a few museums on Cape Cod, including the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Chatham Railroad Museum, and many, many more. You’ll also find the Kennedy Compound, summer home to one of the most famous families in American history. There’s even an entire museum dedicated to their lives, the John F. Kennedy Museum in Hyannis.

Famous Lighthouses

Cape Cod is home to a number of historical lighthouses that you can visit. Though many of the lighthouses were decommissioned due to improved technology rendering them obsolete, a few are still in use today. Take a tour of some of the local lighthouses and get a feel for their importance and history. A few of the lighthouses you can visit include Chatham Lighthouse, Nobska Point Lighthouse, The Highland Light, Nauset Beach Light, Wood End Light, and more.

Live the New England Lifestyle

After seeing some of the history of our area, it’s time to check out how the modern man lives! Cape Cod is home to many delicious restaurants and taverns serving delicious seafood and cold brews in a warm atmosphere. If you’re looking for a good glass of wine and a romantic atmosphere to start off 2018, visit Del Mar Bar & Bistro in Chatham. You can find a more relaxed vibe stopping by for take-out at Corner Store in Chatham; they offer a little bit of everything and are reminiscent of the small markets of yesteryear.

Look Forward a Cape Cod New Years

Cape Cod is the place to be to start 2018 off with a bang, and New England Vacation Rentals offers a number of cozy rentals to make your trip memorable. We’d love to help you plan a trip to the area; just give our reservation specialists a call for more information about the kinds of activities and attractions you can enjoy during a Cape Cod New Years!

The culture on Cape Cod is probably one of the most unique in the entire country. A blend of amazing history and just about every type of person imaginable makes it a great place for anyone to visit. As it features such a vibrant community, the Cape really comes to life for holidays. This is definitely true for the nearest Cape Cod Halloween when you will find fun and excitement for everyone.

Endless Trick or Treating

There are a dozen towns to trick or treat in, so you could come back for trick or treating every year and never explore all the great neighborhoods. There are also plenty of trick or treating opportunities in public places. The Safe Trick or Treat events held in various Cape Cod towns offer kids the opportunity to trick or treat safely with plenty of events going on such as costume parades in Chatham and Brewster to trick or treating at local vendors along Main Street in Hyannis.

Endless Pumpkin Patches

Cape Cod is the best place in the world for the pumpkin patch enthusiasts out there! This is because each of the towns on the Cape features their very own pumpkin patch. If you are so inclined, you spend an entire day exploring unique pumpkin patch after pumpkin patch.

Art and Souls Costume Ball

This is the most horrifying and fun dance party on the entire Cape. Being here, you will feel as if you are spending a night at the museum, except the art has come to life! Great live music, endless dancing, refreshments, and good people make this a night to remember. The fun is kicking off on October 28th at 7:30 pm in the town of Falmouth.

Haunted Tours

The Cape has a rich history, and with that comes plenty of spooky ghost stories. There are several tours in the area that explore this history along with the tales of spirits of yore. Harwich is offering a Haunted Graveyard Tour on Saturday October 14th and Saturday October 21st presented by the historical society. You can also check out the Haunted History Tour in Barnstable along 6A with tours nightly through November 15th, or the Provincetown Ghost Tour on October 27th and 28th for their Halloween Tour. Both of these run throughout the summer season as well so if you miss them now, you haven’t totally missed your chance!

Green Cape Cod Halloween

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster comes to life every year with this classic Halloween celebration. This year the fun is happening from 10 am to 2 pm on October 28th. You can enjoy the entire museum along with new special features like mazes, crafts, games, tricks, treats, and so much more.

There is never a bad time to visit Cape Cod, but Halloween offers a Cape experience unlike any other. The streets are spooky, but the energy and the goodwill throughout the towns is amazing. This is the perfect place to celebrate your next Halloween.

Cape Cod is a wonderful location to visit during the summers. The weather is magnificent and there are many events that take place during the summer in the area. If you find yourself on Cape Cod during the summer, make sure that you check out these amazing summer events on Cape Cod.

Father’s Day Car Show

The annual Father’s Day Car Show is a local favorite. This show is one of the Cape’s largest annual events and features hundreds of classic cars that line the main street in Hyannis. During the event, there will be anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 people attending the event, making it the largest non-sporting event on all of Cape Cod.

Barnstable County Fair

The Barnstable County Fair is currently held at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds and began in 1844. The Barnstable County Fair began when the Barnstable Agricultural Society had its first fair. As one of the most popular events on Cape Cod, the fair has grown throughout the years and includes a number of different acts, attractions, and other fun things to do for the whole family.

4th of July Party – Parades and Fireworks

Fourth of July festivities on Cape Cod have become legendary and are fantastic for the whole family. Catching some fireworks at your favorite beach with friends and family or watching a parade go by with your kids can be a great way to spend some time over the holiday. Check the local calendars for a schedule of events!

Melody Tent Concerts

For over 60 years, the Melody Tent has been a popular destination on the Cape featuring a wide variety of performers with seats right by the stage. If you love music, you have to watch a concert at the Melody Tent in the summer or bring the kids to a kid friendly show! The Melody Tent is run by a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts throughout the communities of Cape Cod.

Beach Activities

Cape Cod is well known for its beach access and wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you find yourself in the cape during your vacation, make sure to check out any one of the amazing beaches. A beach day with the family is the perfect way to spend a part of your vacation. The best part is that it does not require any type of ticket or cost!

This year’s Wellfleet Oyster Fest is coming quickly! Here are a few words about the event, and why you should be looking forward to it!

The Festival

Like many towns in Massachusetts, Wellfleet depends heavily on its proud (and famous!) oysters, clams, and other shellfish, as well as on the industries and traditions surrounding them. This festival celebrates these cornerstones of Wellfleet’s well-being with tastings, music, sporting events, shucking contests, and more!

The festival is supported by many local contributors, including volunteers and local businesses. It is organized by Wellfleet SPAT—Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, a non-profit begun in 2002 that is dedicated to sustaining the town’s shellfishing and aquaculture industries. The festival furthers their mission by improving awareness of shellfishing practices through different activities that are part of the festival.

The Fun

Food, music, art, beverages, competitions—where do we begin? Let’s start with the food, since oysters are the staple of the festival! Fishermen know that people are out in droves for their catches, so unless you plan on eating them straight from the seafloor, the shellfish you get here are going to be the freshest imaginable. Some restaurants also come out and set up their own tables serving up chowder, stuffed shellfish, and all other sorts of goodies. Plus, you can even see cooking demonstrations to watch masters at work and get some tips! And speaking of all things edible, locally-brewed beers, ales, and wines are all for sale as well!

Like much of Cape Cod, Wellfleet is proud of its local arts scene. This includes our musicians, so there will be live performances throughout the festival—whether you prefer country rock or string duets, you’re sure to find something you like. You’ll be sure to find plenty to delight your eyes as well as your ears, as many artisans come out to show off their crafts, whether photos, jewelry, paintings, or ceramics. It’s a great place to seek a souvenir!

Finally, what’s a festival without some competition? While the “shuck-off” is the most publicized, there’s other places to test your mettle in a variety of ways, from tennis to running to spelling!

For a full list of activities, check out the Oyster Fest schedule here: http://wellfleetspat.org/wellfleet-spat-events-fundraising-to-fund-local-programs/wellfleet-oysterfest-homepage/wellfleet-oysterfest-schedule-of-fest-activities/

The Details:

This two-day festival will be held on Saturday, October 15th and continue the next day, Sunday October 16th. The events are centered around Wellfleet’s town center, around Main Street. The cost is $10 per day, with various vendors setting their own price for their food and other wares. Sorry, but no pets or outside alcohol allowed!

If you’re a fan of seafood—and if you’re visiting Cape Cod, we hope you are—then this is a great even to plan your stay around. Come experience a brisk and beautiful New England fall, and have some fun while you’re at it!

Cape Cod is always a wonderful place to visit. The area’s nice weather, unique culture, and unparalleled natural beauty keep visitors flocking to the cape throughout the entire year. But September is a very special time to be on Cape Cod. This is not only due to the amazing weather you will find here at the end of summer, but also because of the great events that sweep through the Cape during this time of year. Here are some of the most notable events that you will not want to miss!

The Love Local Fest

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016 you can enjoy the festival boasting the most positive energy you will find throughout the Cape. For this special day, Cape Cod Beer creates a beer garden in a park overlooking Hyannis Harbor. From 11 am to dusk, visitors can see the spirit of the town and the Cape as a whole up close and personal with a variety of great foods, homegrown artists, designers, farmers, and so much more. But the highlights of the event are the unique and delicious craft beers that will be poured from the opening of the festival until 6 pm.

Celebrate Our Waters Weekend

Cape Cod is a community that cherishes the gifts of its natural landscape. From September 16 to the 18th, visitors and locals alike can join in on events celebrating the natural beauty of the area. Throughout the weekend, the bays, ponds, lakes, marshes, creeks, and beaches are showcased like never before. There are endless opportunities to enjoy all of this beauty through guided walks, bike rides, lectures, discussions, kayak trips, and so much more. This event is a must-attend for all the lovers of nature out there, as you will be blown away by the nature here.

The Truro Treasures Weekend

This is a very special weekend dedicated to celebrating the history and the culture of this amazing place. From September 16th to the 18th, you can enjoy events and activities of all types. The fun and education is kicked off on Friday night with a historical talk, followed by a cocktail party in the evening. From there the festivities really get going, with a pancake breakfast on Saturday and a flea market on Sunday. Other events include, but are not limited to, kids’ events, a dog show, a golf tournament, dinners, and a silent auction.

There is so much more happening on Cape Cod for this wonderful month. Make sure you visit the Cape before September is over!

Your vacation to the Cape is coming up next week, and aside from staying in a luxury New England Vacation Rentals home, and maybe going to the beach, you really don’t have any plans for while you are there. The nice thing about Cape Cod is that you don’t need to spend your trip participating in activity after activity after activity; a Cape vacation tends to be about slowing down and discovering the beauty that is Cape Cod. But because it is fun to do things on vacation, we have provided a list of top activities occurring next week on our island. Don’t feel pressured, though, the only thing you absolutely have to do while staying on Cape Cod is to enjoy yourself!

Barnstable Village’s Haunted & History Tour 

Some of us can’t pass up the chance to be frightened, while some of us are eager to learn the history of whatever place we are visiting, and the Barnstable Village Haunted & History Tour offers the opportunity to do both, meaning everyone in your family can enjoy this spooky event! The tour begins at the US Coast Guard Heritage Museum at 7:00PM on August 7th, 10th, and 13th, allowing you a few chances to participate during your stay on the Cape. Costing $15 for adults and $8 dollars for Children 8-12 (kids under 8 are free!), this two-hour tour features 10 stops along the “Old Kings Highway,” including a cemetery!

Peter Rabbit’s Animal Day

Held on August 10th from 10:00AM till 3:00PM, this charming event takes place at the Green Briar Animal Center. If you have young children, they won’t want to miss this fun-filled event, especially as they have the opportunity to meet the famous Peter Rabbit himself! You and your family will experience the thrill of animal meet & greets, story time, and even play games of chance geared towards the interest levels of your youngsters! This free event is held at 6 Discovery Hill Road in East Sandwich.

Provincetown Jazz Festival

In our humble opinions, you can’t consider a vacation to be an excellent one unless you’ve spent some time enjoying top notch live music, and the Provincetown Jazz Festival, held August 11th & 15th, has been a premier way to spend your down time for 12 years. Featuring musicians from all over the world, including Europe and New Zealand, the $30 ticket price is extremely reasonable, meaning this event has sold out a few times over the years! Being a non-profit event, your dollars will go to a worthy cause, so you can feel good about yourself as you listen to the best Jazz music around. The August 11th event will be held at the Crown & Anchor at 247 Commercial Street in Provincetown.

New England Vacation Rentals 

Cape Cod is our favorite spot on Earth and the events listed are just a few of the many reasons why we love this place so very much. Book your New England Vacation Rentals luxury vacation property today and start exploring the wonder of Cape Cod!

Winters are long and hard on the island, so when the temperatures start rising and the days begin to last longer, Cape Cod residents just want to get out and celebrate the sun and all it offers! Local celebrations mean even more fun and enjoyment for vacationers who only get to experience island life for brief periods, so our helpful staff at New England Vacation Rentals has compiled a list of activities you just might want to plan your vacation around. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on a single thing while visiting our great island; Cape Cod is that wonderful!

Cape Cod Maritime Days – May 1-31

Featuring harbor cruises, lighthouse tours, and historical walks, along with a host of other events and activities dedicated to the Cape’s rich Maritime history, the entire month of May is a party! Attend a lecture on salt marshes, take a class on painting outside, or tour artist shanties for a chance to meet local artists and purchase their wares. There are many activities spread out all over the island, so be sure to visit the www.capecodchamber.org for a complete list of things to do during Maritime Days on Cape Cod.

South Hollow Spirits Dry Line Gin Cape Cod Launch Party – May 13

Experience a launch party for Dry Line Cape Cod Gin created by our very own South Hollow Spirits distillery. For under 12 dollars a person, you can spend a couple of hours tasting Dry Line cocktails and appetizers at Chatham Bars Inn as you watch the sun sink into the waters surrounding our beautiful home, but only if you’re over 21; this is an adults-only event.

Rhododendron Festival – May 21

The Heritage Museums & Gardens is home to the annual Rhododendron Festival every spring, and with thousands upon thousands of flowers in bloom, this is one sweet smelling event!  Explore the museums, walk the gardens, and relax; it’s that tranquil and peaceful. Your younger children will enjoy the carousel, and the older ones (and yes, we’re talking about your husband here!) will thrill at the sight of the Heritage’s colorful antique automobile collection!

Figawi Race Weekend – Memorial Day Weekend

The race itself begins a little before 10 on Saturday morning, but festivities last all weekend. When else are you going to get the opportunity to experience a genuine New England style yacht regatta? The large and colorful boats will present bystanders with many scenic photo opportunities and we should know; many of our staff members have their own photos of regattas from precious years gracing the walls of their homes and offices. Food, drink, entertainment, and souvenirs help mark this epic weekend that is the official start of summer. You’re not going to want to miss out on a chance to party with the friendly residents of Cape Cod!