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Cape Cod has quickly become one of the most formidable vacation destinations in all of the New England area. This is due to its amazing history, culture and natural beauty. As a result of this booming tourism industry, countless private properties have been opened up as vacation rentals. You can find so many amazing homes to call your own during your trip to Cape Cod, many of which sit right on one of the area’s amazing beaches. Here are some reasons why you should consider a beach rental for your next Cape Cod trip!

Best Opportunities for Leisure

Beach properties plain and simply offer more leisure than you will find anywhere else. Your opportunities are endless whether you want to hit the water or relax on the sand. And perhaps the best part is, you can still enjoy the beach from the comfort of your very own patio! Do some fishing, surfing, swimming and everything in between, or keep to the fine sand where you can play volleyball, exercise, or simply relax on a towel.

Amazing Views

There is so much to see around Cape Cod from the nature reserves to the charming cities. But the beaches are far and away the most exquisite things that you can lay your eyes on at the cape. From the vantage point in your beach rental, you can enjoy endless tracts of pristine beaches and you can even catch whales and dolphins gliding through the water.

Close to the Action

Near the beach is where you want to be. It is near the shore that you are going to find all of Cape Cod’s favorite restaurants, shops and bars. Not to mention all of the harbors and docks that affords visitors the opportunity to take one of a kind boating excursions onto the Atlantic.

Some of the Best Properties are on the Beach

Many of the most beautiful homes and specifically rental homes are reserved for the coastline. New England Vacation Rentals offers some of the most charming and beautiful homes that you will ever find, right along the shore. These amazing homes are the cherry on top of any Cape Cod vacation.

Best Weather

Cape Cod is known for its incredible weather, but the best weather will always be found right on the shore. There is nothing quite like being constantly immersed in the cool breezes that rush off the Atlantic Ocean. Having your own Beach rental allows you to enjoy this one of a kind feeling all the time.

You can’t do a Cape Cod vacation wrong, but to get the absolute most out of this experience, make sure you look into some of the fabulous beach properties that New England Vacation Rentals is proud to offer visitors all year ‘round!