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When it is time to start planning your Cape Cod vacation, the first decision that must be made is where to stay. Comprised of 15 beautiful town and a wonderful selection of villages, it could be hard to narrow down your choices to just one, but we at New England Vacation Rentals would like to suggest that Sandwich as a vacation destination that will do justice to your Cape Cod getaway. Offering the natural beauty of the land and sea, a history that is long, rich, and outdates the history of our independent nation, and of course, some of our most popular Cape Cod cottages, homes, and condos, your Sandwich Cape Cod vacation will be one you never forget. We have provided this guide to the top 10 reasons this is so for your anticipation and enjoyment!

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10: Its History Makes Us Proud

Sandwich is the oldest settled town on Cape Cod, having been incorporated 150 years before the war that started our country on its way to independence in 1639. Life was harsh for settlers back then, as they faced a world with strange foods, cruel weather conditions, and hostile natives, (well, we WERE trying to take over their land) but on some levels we can’t help but think how cool it would have been to live here during those exciting times. The first Thanksgiving was held less than 20 miles away, the beaches would have been empty of tourists, and the night skies must have been stunning and impressive in the century before light pollution became a thing! Today, life does look different in Sandwich, but as you explore the Sandwich Glass Museum, visit the Hoxie House, and examine the historic gardens of the Heritage Museum and Gardens, you can catch a glimpse of those long departed days.

9: High Tea, Anyone?

We were settled by the British so it should be of no surprise that high tea is still a thing on Cape Cod and in Sandwich, The Dunbar House Tea Room & Wine Bar, located at 1 Water Street, has been a local staple for many years. Housed inside an 1800s carriage house, the Dunbar House has served many purposes over the years, but its current incarnation as a tea house and wine bar is most definitely our favorite, and we think you will enjoy it as well. For those not familiar with high tea, it originally started as a working-class meal served at high top tables and chairs, (hence the phrase high tea) but today tends to be a meal of light sandwiches, pastries, tea, and in London, you may even enjoy a glass of prosecco with your tea. The Dunbar House Tea Room is an ideal spot for bridal showers, baby showers, and any distinctly female celebration, but honestly, everyone enjoys their time here, especially when the chef offers his once a month 3- to 5-course wine dinners.

8: A Summer in Sandwich is Like Nothing You Have Ever Experienced

Although travelers visit year-round, (there is an idyllic charm to a Cape Cod winter) it is the summer months when Cape Cod, and more specifically, Sandwich, lives its best life. A Cape Cod vacation is something the world dreams about, and even if your adventures involve nothing more strenuous than hanging out at the beach, exploring local restaurants, and relaxing at home, the memories you will make here will be life changing; there’s nearly endless things to do in Sandwich, Cape Cod! Devouring an ice cream sandwich from Ice Cream Sandwich (yes, that’s its name and it is located at 66 MA-6A) on a hot summer’s day, walking hand in hand with your favorite human along the shoreline of Town Neck Beach, watching the sun fall into the sea, even exploring the authentic still working Dexter Grist Mill that has been open off and on since the 1600s—these are all adventures that on paper seem ordinary, even mundane, but when experienced will make memories that will last a lifetime. We do have to mention that the ice cream sandwich isn’t like any you have tasted before, offering two hand-sized cookies sandwiching large scoops of your favorite flavor of ice cream.

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7: Sandwich Fest

Festivals are a great way to get to know the towns you are vacationing in a little bed, and when October rolls around, Sandwich Fest is one of our favorites! Located on Water Street and generally taking place the first Saturday in October, this amazing festival offers vendors selling arts and crafts, food trucks that offer and authentic taste of our town, and a beer and wine garden that will make you forget all about the other stuff we just mentioned. Also offering children’s activities and because we are quite comfortable in our name, a sandwich competition that is both delicious and tongue in cheek, this annual festival has become very popular with the locals and the tourists who stick around after summer ends. Visiting in October is always a great idea as most tourists have left and the town is easier to get around, lines at restaurants are smaller (or nonexistent) and the quiet nights help quiet all the noises in your brain.

6: The Best Place for Antiquing

In today’s world, we have reached a new level of appreciation for recycling and reusing, and the original recycling shops, antique stores, can also help paint a clearer picture of the history of our country and the world. Sandwich, having reached the grand old age of 385 years old, is known for the antique shops that dot its landscape, many filled with pieces that more than likely started their lives out within a few miles of the stores they are resting in today. The Sandwich Antique Center, located at 131 MA-6A and open every day of the week from 10 AM until 5 PM, features 5000 square feet of antiques from all over the world, including furniture, art, and home décor, has been voted best antique store on Cape Cod more than a few times during its twenty years of existence. L&E Antiques, located at 69 Main Street, is another popular antique store, featuring a fine selection of American antiques as well as pieces that come from all over the world.

5: The Glass Studio on Cape Cod, 470 MA-6A

Sandwich is known for its glass, and one of the best attractions in Sandwich, MA, Glass Studio on Cape Cod, has been offering beautiful examples for over 30 years. Showing off the art of glass blowing and selling some of the most creative glass pieces in the entire state, the owner’s most popular wares, Ocean Balls that are glass bubbles filled with sand from our beaches and tiny beach items, including starfish, shells, and even miniature versions of sand dollars, are destined to end up on a shelf in your own home. For winter visitors, however, the opportunity to see his largest works takes place over the Christmas holidays when he creates giant sculptures made of steel, concrete, and glass add glimmer and style to the holiday landscape of Sandwich.

4: Fishermen’s View Seafood Market & Restaurant, 20 Freezer Road

The best vacations are often remembered for the food enjoyed during our adventures and when you want an authentic taste of Sandwich (the town, not the handheld) Fishermen’s View Seafood Market & Restaurant is going to be our first suggestion. The market part of the restaurant is a fantastic place to shop for fresh seafood to enjoy in your New England Vacation Rentals Sandwich sanctuary and is open every day of the week from 8 AM until 6:15 PM. But if cooking for yourself is not something you care to partake in, the restaurant part will bring the best memories, offering a seafood laden menu that changes on a regular basis, and monthly special events that will spoil you for all other meals. Also offering a Sunday brunch menu that includes unusually delicious breakfast martinis, Fishermen’s View is a tradition for our families and is much loved by all who stop by.

3: Titcomb’s Bookshop, 432 MA-6A

Independent bookstores are a dying breed, but Titcomb’s Bookshop in Sandwich is thriving, something we want to continue to see for years to come. Offering author talks, book club meetings, musical nights, and of course, a gigantic selection of books, it has become a tradition for tourists to add this sweet shop to their vacation itineraries, coming into check out their selection of rare & used books, to purchase toys for the children in their traveling groups, and to simply hang out and enjoy being surrounded by stories told by others!

2: The Beaches of Sandwich

You can’t walk far on Cape Cod without ending up with your toes buried in the sand, and in Sandwich, Town Neck Beach is known for being THE beach to get your tan on. Parking or beach passes are required for all Sandwich beaches, with prices ranging from $20 daily to $105 for the entire season, but if you want to save a few bucks, choose one of our New England Vacation Rentals beachfront cottages and avoid the fees. Town Neck Beach is the perfect spot for swimming, relaxing, fishing, and watching the boats glide through the Cape Cod Canal, and although it is a very popular beach in the summertime, it is long enough that it will still be relatively easy to stake a claim on your own private segment of the sand.

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1: Our Sandwich Vacation Rentals

A vacation home should be an integral part of your vacation experience and our Sandwich vacation rentals promise to take your getaway to the next level of perfection. Located everywhere you want to be, including on the pristine beaches of our Cape Cod town, we have listed some of the top reasons our homes are the most popular on the Cape.

Offering the Classic New England Experience

Although we do offer a few sleekly modern escapes, the large majority of our Sandwich escapes are classic New England cottages, featuring weathered shingles on their exteriors and original wood floors inside. Beds of hydrangeas often offer a splash of color in front and back yards, while charcoal grills are more often the popular choice of grills. Lobster pots are our favorite kitchen accessory and an American flag may be swaying in the breezes of the sea.

All the Comforts of Home

Comfort is key to a memorable Sandwich Cape Cod vacation, and if you have ever stayed in a vacation home with lumpy beds, hard sofas, and scratchy towels, you will appreciate the comforts found in our properties. Sink into the plush depths of a slip-covered sofa while surfing the channels of the state-of-the-art television mounted above the fireplace, slide between the silky soft linens that top our premium mattresses for a night of deep sleep and happy dreams, and when you wrap our towels around your slightly sunburned body, we can promise they won’t feel the slightest bit itchy!

Modern Conveniences Matter

A beach house on Cape Cod may not offer Sub-Zero refrigerators or Viking ranges, but the appliances found in our kitchens will always work the way they should, Wi-Fi will be fast and as glitch free as possible, and occasionally, a wine refrigerator will be tucked away under breakfast bars or center islands. New Englanders do prefer the simpler things in life, but that doesn’t mean we will skimp on the amenities; we understand that tired travelers do appreciate being spoiled and pampered and we enjoy being the ones who do the spoiling.

Every Day Will Be the Best Day in Sandwich

A vacation on Cape Cod has been on your bucket list for a very long time, probably since before your first child was born, and we realize the importance of our positions in your vacation dreams. Reserve your favorite Sandwich vacation rental today and discover all the ways your vacation dreams can come true while you rest, relax, and marvel over the perfection of your getaway!

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Cape Cod whispers promises of beaches, charming lighthouses, and delicious seafood, but whispers don’t pay the bills. Regardless, don’t let vacation budget worries hold you back, this guide unlocks the secrets to an unforgettable and affordable Cape Cod vacation adventure, packed with inexpensive activities, bites that won’t break the bank, and cozy, budget-friendly stays. That said, get ready to discover the magic of Cape Cod without emptying your pockets.

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Enjoy A Budget-friendly Vacation Like No Other

Cape Cod beckons with its endless coastline, quaint villages, and irresistible charm. But fear not budget-conscious travelers, a magical vacation here doesn’t require a king’s ransom. Here’s your guide to unlocking the secrets of an unforgettable, affordable Cape Cod adventure.

First, you can opt to ditch the car for a day or two. The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority weaves a web of bus routes connecting charming towns and pristine beaches. You can pack a picnic lunch, hop on a bus, and spend the day exploring hidden coves or browsing through local shops.

History buffs can delve into the Whydah Pirate Museum for a swashbuckling adventure without the hefty admission fee. Most towns on Cape Cod also hold lively farmers markets, bursting with fresh produce and local crafts. These markets are ideally suited for grabbing a delicious and affordable lunch.

Accommodation needn’t be a budget buster either. Our cozy cottages and charming inns dot the landscape, offering a more personal touch than impersonal hotel chains. That said, you can consider our vacation rentals, often with kitchens, for the flexibility to prepare some meals yourselves. Shoulder seasons offer a delightful escape from peak summer crowds and come with significantly lower accommodation rates.

Speaking of food, get ready to embrace the bounty of the sea. Instead of expensive restaurants, you can head to local seafood shacks or grab fresh fish from the market and grill it back at your rental.

Alternatively, you can pack a cooler and head to the beach for a quintessential Cape Cod experience, which is a delicious picnic with the sound of crashing waves as your soundtrack. Also don’t forget to check local town calendars, since most of them host free outdoor concerts, movies under the stars, or historical reenactments, offering a delightful dose of culture without a hefty price tag.

Nature lovers, can also rejoice courtesy of Cape Cod National Seashore, which boasts miles of pristine beaches for sunbathing, swimming, or simply soaking up the fresh sea air. Another interesting nature attraction, Nickerson State Park, offers a scenic escape with hiking trails, freshwater ponds, and opportunities for wildlife watching.

While still on stunning trails, biking enthusiasts can explore the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a converted railway transformed into a scenic path winding through forests, marshes, and quaint villages. You can pack your bathing suit, rent a bike, and prepare for a day of exploring at your own pace.

Cape Cod’s magic lies not just in its postcard-perfect scenery but in the small-town charm. That said, you can strike up a conversation with a local at a coffee shop, they’ll be your best resource for hidden gems and insider tips. Alternatively, you can explore the independent bookstores overflowing with beach reads and local artwork.

You can also visit a lighthouse, a timeless symbol of the Cape’s maritime heritage, and soak in the panoramic views. Let the rhythm of the ocean lull you, the scent of salty air invigorate you, and the warmth of Cape Cod hospitality embrace you. With a little planning and resourcefulness, your Cape Cod adventure awaits, brimming with affordability and unforgettable memories.

Get Ready to Experience A Cozy but Budget-friendly Stay

Dreamt of a Cape Cod escape but worried about squeezing it into your budget? Our cozy vacation rentals transform that dream into reality. That said, you can ditch the impersonal hotel stays and embrace the warmth of a home away from home. Imagine waking up to the invigorating scent of ocean air, sunlight streaming through spacious windows, and the promise of adventure just outside your door.

Our rentals come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for families, couples, or solo adventurers. Most of them boast fully equipped kitchens, ideal for whipping up delicious meals featuring the Cape’s freshest seafood. You can savor those meals on private decks or patios, the sound of waves serenading you. Evenings can be spent curled up by a fireplace, a crackling fire casting a warm glow, or stargazing from a private yard.

Planning day trips is a breeze when you stay with us. Our rentals are strategically located near pristine beaches, charming villages, and historical landmarks. Forget wrestling for parking, since most of our rentals offer convenient access to public transportation, allowing you to explore the Cape Cod charm car-free.

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Cape Cod’s magic awaits, brimming with affordability and unforgettable memories. That said, get ready to trade the crowds for hidden coves, swap pricey restaurants for fresh seafood feasts under the stars, and replace expensive car rentals with scenic bike rides. If you’re ready to transform your dream into reality, you can contact us today to book your stay in one of our stunning Cape Cod escapes.

A vacation on Cape Cod is already destined to be the healthiest one you have ever planned, as you spend as much time as possible hiking, swimming, and letting the serenity of the sea cure whatever real life issues may be hanging out in your brain, but when you really want to make the most out of a Cape Cod health and wellness journey, relaxing and taking care of yourself is easier with visits to local yoga studios, wellness centers, day spas, and holistic retreats. If healing your soul, your mind and body while relaxing in the comfort of our New England Vacation Rentals peaceful sanctuaries sounds like a great idea, this guide to the ultimate Cape Cod wellness retreat will ensure that this will be the vacation you hold up as an example of perfection against all others. We’ve divided the establishments according to the towns each are in to make the guide easier to follow and although some of the towns and villages may not offer what you are looking for, remember Cape Cod is not all that large, so chances are you won’t have to drive far to find what you need.

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Barnstable is the largest town on Cape Cod, consisting of seven villages, in many of which you will find our comfortable Cape Cod vacation sanctuaries, ensuring that peace and relaxation will always be close at hand. Here are some of our favorite Cape Cod spas and yoga centers in Barnstable and the villages where we offer Barnstable vacation rentals.

Salon 6a & Spa, 3180 Main Street in Barnstable

Looking good makes you automatically feel good and Salon 6a has been visitors look and feel good since 2007. Offering a large variety of salon services including hair and skin care, they also offer Reiki and Harmonyum, helping to ease the noises in your brain and making clients feel balanced and healed.

A woman receiving spa treatment like you can find at Cape Cod spas.


Evoke Power LLC, 64 Enterprise Road in Hyannis

There are many benefits in the practice of yoga, more than just flexibility and strength, and when you explore the classes offered at Evoke Power LLC, you may find that your stress is reduced, your breathing is better, and sleep will be deeper and come easier when you return home to your Cape Cod vacation sanctuary every night of your stay. Evoke offers group and private lessons.

Just Breathe Salt Spa, 39 North Street in Hyannis

Considering that ingesting too much salt is not considered healthy, we were intrigued to hear that salt actually has some fantastic benefits, including improving skin, slowing skin aging, and relieving stress and fatigue and Just Breathe Salt Spa offers the perfect spot to figure out if this is what your body needs! Offering Halotherapy, which is a natural, holistic, and drug free treatment that is healthy for people of all ages, guests will recline in antigravity chairs, listening to frequency-infused music that is streaming through headphones, and simply breathe; the salt does all the rest!


Bourne is known for being a quiet town even as everyone must pass through it to get over the Cape Cod Canal. The region was a center for trading activities by the pilgrims in the 1600s and was originally considered a part of the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod’s oldest town, before being incorporated as the town of Bourne in the 1800s.

Underground Fitness & Indoor Cycling Studio, 938 Main Street in Bourne

Underground Fitness is definitely one of our favorite full body Cape Cod fitness centers, offering personal training, cycling, Barre classes, Bootcamp, and of course, yoga classes. Their Restorative Flow Yoga classes is known for allowing a deeper mind body connection while bringing calm and peace to participants.


Brewster is where many local sea captains made their homes and today there is still a large selection 18th and 19th century homes that once belonged to those captains, dotting the landscape. Today visitors love to explore the Brewster Flats, tidal pools, clam beds and sandbars that are revealed by the ebb and flow of the tides, but these yoga studios and day spas listed below are another thing that draws in visitors.

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The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, 2740 Main Street in Brewster

Sometimes the simplest actions offer the largest impact, and before you even begin any of the Cape Cod wellness services offered by the Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, they ask you to take a moment to make a wish for yourself. That wish will be placed into a bottle with sand from their beach and will serve as a reminder to love yourself. This small action always gives us a few moments of wonder and we think it will for you as well. Ocean’s Edge is renowned for their spa services, services that include a variety of massage, facial, and Zen rituals that will have you walking out the door feeling like a new person.

The Sanctuary Healing Therapies and Gifts, 1069 Main Street in Brewster, Open Daily

There are many different ways to heal and find sanctuary, and Rumi, a 13th century poet would remind you that the door to that sanctuary can be found inside you. The Sanctuary Healing Therapies and Gifts, however, offers another door to open providing services that include spiritual readings, Reiki treatments with crystal & sound therapy, and even private mentoring.  Also offering Halotherapy in their Salt Cabin, this one stop shop for soul healing may end up being your favorite part of your Cape Cod vacation.

A women enjoy a Reiki treatment.


Chatham is known for its “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” a morbid fact due to the 3000 documented shipwrecks that took place between Chatham and Truro, but we are happy to tell you that it is also known for being a peaceful spot overlooked by the iconic Chatham Lighthouse and many family portraits are taken right here in town.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga, 70 Main Street in Chatham

Offering a variety of yoga classes, including private ones for the shyer yogi’s, the most popular class they offer requires no registration. Just show up at Chatham Beach with a beach towel, sunglasses, $20 cash (the cost of the class for everyone 16 and over) and a happy heart, prepared to enjoy an hour and 15-minute-long class on the beach in the shadow of Chatham Lighthouse. The classes only take place during the high season, June 15 through September 8 and they are held every sunny day from 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM. On rainy days, maybe you can practice your poses in the comfort of your Chatham sanctuary!

Sol Spa, 212c Orleans Road in Chatham

Sol Spa doesn’t list their hours on their website, but you can give them a call and ask them at (508) 945-8772. The services provided by this beautiful spa cover the gamut from facials to Reiki work and everything in between, working with area physicians and holistic practitioners to ensure that you feel spoiled, pampered, and comfortable.


Dennis is home to some of our most popular Cape Cod sanctuaries, ranging in size from cozy 1-bedroom cottages to spacious 6-bedroom homes offering ocean views that will be just as healing to your soul as visits to the following spas, studios, or wellness centers may be.

blu bodhi | sauna bar, 665 Main Street in Dennis Port

Providing soul work for those seeking more, the owner started her yoga journey as a way of dealing with the stresses and pressures she dealt with in the hospitality industry and when COVID struck, she took the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher. The use of an infrared sauna helps her stand out in a sea of wellness professionals and she too offers halotherapy, which as you can tell from this page, is becoming a very popular therapy.

Very Wendy Yoga, 209 Sea Street in East Dennis

We first tried this yoga class simply because we loved the whimsical charm of the name; Very Wendy sounds like something out of a Peter Pan book, but then we kept coming back for the joy we found when moving with the instructors. Offering group yoga, art, and meditation classes on Sea Street Beach, they also will make the trip to your NEVR escape for private lessons.

Include yoga class in your Cape Cod wellness journey to center yourself.


The beaches of Eastham are extremely popular, and if you think you recognize the red, white, and black lighthouse that stands guard at the sea’s edge, you are probably right. The iconic structure has graced the bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips for more years than we can count.

Wise Body & Mind – Mercedez Calleros LMT & Lifestyle Coaching, 180 Brackett Road Unit 5 in Eastham

Helping questioning people speak the truths that are from their soul, Mercedez Calleros has been performing body and energy work for over 20 years and she offers fascinating courses, including a program called the “Spiritualistic Woman” leads women on a journey into their own self-awareness. Also offering massage work, Ms. Calleros doesn’t leave mind, body, or soul untouched.

Tula Studio Cape Cod, 3 Main Street #18B in Eastham

Tula Studio is a new entry to the yoga world of Eastham and we at New England Vacation Rentals are very excited about what we see already. Offering Vinyasa classes, Flow & Restore Classes, and an introduction to Yoga that will be perfect for our novice yogis, we recommend you check out what this studio brings to the table. Speaking of bringing things to the table, they are now serving fresh, cold-pressed juices that come straight from Viv’s kitchen!


Harwich has ranked as America’s second happiest seaside town by Coastal Living magazine, which brings one question to our minds; how could you not be happy living on the coast of Harwich? Many of our Harwich sanctuaries offer stunning views of the sea, ensuring that when you are not taking yoga classes or aligning your chakras, you will still feel well-balanced and at ease with your soul.

Harwich Health Center, 11 Pleasant Lake in Harwich

Harwich Health Center adds a new wellness option to our list, featuring chiropractic services as well as skin care and massage therapy, the chiropractor has been in the business for almost 30 years and their massage therapists offer pre-natal massage as well as deep tissue and Swedish. Reiki and Reflexology is also one of their specialties.

Spa A La Mer, 11 Pleasant Lake Avenue in Harwich

The clinical treatments offered by Spa A La Mer (spa of the sea) will have you returning from your Cape Cod vacation looking years younger. Including collagen 90+ treatment, hydrolift facial, and a Botinal facial that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving your skin back its glow of youth. Micro needling helps your skin generate collagen, evening out its skin tone and helping guests also look younger. Also providing massage, this spa is really a one stop shop for youth and renewal.

The Joy of Healing

Your healing journey through the towns and villages of Cape Cod is sure to be a memorable one, and because all roads lead back to New England Vacation Rentals, it will be a comfortable and relaxing one as well. There’s no better feeling than showering off the sweat of a yoga class in our outdoor showers and when your body is feeling tired but you aren’t quite ready to go to bed yet, our homes provide a plethora of ways to wind down for the night. Reading a good book in front of a roaring fire, playing foosball with the kids, and wowing them with your skills, or simply sitting out on a patio that overlooks the sea while the sun sets on another perfect day on Cape Cod are just a few of the at home activities that will make you fall in love with your home sweet vacation home. Reserve your favorite healing and wellness escape today!

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We at New England Vacation Rentals love everything about love, and our Cape Cod sanctuaries reflect that passion for the emotion, offering comfort, style, and all the little things that make couples feel the love they are already expressing for each other. Honeymooners often find their way to our doorsteps, knowing they will feel appreciated and treasured when they stay with us and if your upcoming Cape Cod weekend getaway is your first journey after the big day or even if you are celebrating many years of blissful couple-ness, the adventures you enjoy can be romantic ones as well. This ultimate and comprehensive guide to a Cape Cod romantic getaway will ensure that the heat of your love for each other will blaze strong and true every minute of your stay!

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Romantic Activities Outside

The beauty of Cape Cod is best experienced while playing outside, and these romantic things to do on Cape Cod show off our home at its best.

A Bicycle Built for Two

Love is in the air and what better way to explore Cape Cod than with a bike ride, a tandem bike even, taking you across Cape Cod two wheels at a time? The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a 25.5-mile-long paved biking trail that takes riders through many of the towns that dot our landscape, including Yarmouth, Dennis, and Brewster. Didn’t pack your tandem bike in your carry-on? That’s no problem, all you need to do is stop by Dennis Cycle Center, offering two locations on the Rail Trail in Dennis and Brewster. Offering a truly magnificent selection of bicycles for rent, their tandem bikes are very popular!

A couple enjoying romantic things to do on Cape Cod together.

Climb the Pilgrim Monument, 1 High Pole Hill Road in Provincetown

Not many people know this, but although the Pilgrims officially landed in Plymouth, they actually made a pit stop in Provincetown first, and the Pilgrim Monument, offering 116 steps and standing 252 feet into the sky, is an homage to their bravery. Now, anyone who stepped aboard a stair climber at the gym may be asking what is romantic about climbing a bunch of stairs, and while we agree that the climbing part isn’t that much fun, when you reach the pinnacle of this monument and the views of Cape Cod and the sea stretch out before you, you will forget your aching muscles, your too-rapidly-beating heart, and the fact that you are still finding it difficult to catch your breath, and fall in love. The views from the top are almost as lovely as your beautiful traveling companion, and if you haven’t asked the most important question of your life as of yet, this might be the place to do so!

Picnic at Doane Rock Picnic Area, 520 Doane Road in Eastham

Located just a short hike from Coastguard Beach, the Doane Rock Picnic Area provides a beautiful and secluded spot to enjoy a quiet picnic for two under the shelter of a tin-roofed pavilion. Prepare a feast in the fully equipped kitchen of your honeymoon hideaway or stop by Macs Market & Kitchen (4680 State Highway) and order something to devour from their grab and go menu. After your romantic picnic, it is only a short walk through cool woods to reach Coastguard Beach, and as the sea suddenly appears to you in all its magnificence, there is only one thing left to do: Grab hold of your lover’s hand and spend more quiet moments walking along shore’s edge, letting the moments fill your heart and shine from your eyes, much like the sun glistens off the ocean.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm, Off Weston Woods Road

If you really want to impress that special person in your life, you need to do more than bring flowers; you need to take them to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm! Immersing yourselves in the vibrant purple of lavender in bloom, the farm lays claim to over 7000 plants and is open daily from March through December. The aromatic flowers are harvested from the end of June to the middle of July. Offering an enchanted garden and a shop where they sell lavender related items, including shirts that are the color of the blooms, skin care, food items, and even books written by local authors, couples will make magical memories at the farm.

Learn More About the Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Some Indoor Fun for the Two of You

Romance isn’t limited to the outside areas of Cape Cod, and on rainy days or even days that may feel a little too warm, these indoor activities will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Barnstable Comedy Club, 3171 Main Street in Barnstable

Relationships need to be fed regularly with a diet consisting of kind words, loving embraces, and laughter, and your romantic getaway to Cape Cod will provide plenty of the latter when you visit the Barnstable Comedy Club. This volunteer-driven community theater has been making people laugh for over 100 years, (yes, you read that right) and the shows held here have always been top notch, ensuring your date night will be special.

Wellfleet Cinemas, 51 US-6 in Wellfleet

Although New England Vacation Rentals doesn’t currently offer any properties in the town of Wellfleet, we do offer more than a few in Eastham, located less than 10 minutes away, making an evening at the drive-in a very doable and very romantic activity. Drive-in theaters have disappeared from the American landscape in most states, although they did enjoy a brief resurgence during the pandemic, and through it all, Wellfleet Cinemas has stayed strong and proud since opening in 1957. Showing first-run double features all summer long during the daytime hours (the theater is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day), the Wellfleet Flea Market is held where the cars will be parked at night, offering another romantic activity for you and your favorite traveling partner to partake in.

Tree House Brewing Company, 98 Town Neck Road in Sandwich

Having fun together is key to any successful relationship, and what could be more fun than sitting on a patio overlooking the sea while staring into each other’s eyes and sharing mugs of local beer? Tree House Brewing Company sits on the sandy beaches of Sandwich, and they also offer beer to go, so if you are anxious to get back to your New England Vacation Rentals love nest but are kind of craving some cold beers, order your favorite flavor from the Tree House web site and stop by on your way home from your romantic adventures.

Local pubs offer a great environment for romantic getaways in Cape Cod.

Most Romantic Beaches

A sunset walk on the beach is one of the most romantic activities, and although all the beaches of Cape Cod are romantic in one way or the other, the list below features some of our favorites.

Monument Beach in Bourne

In the daylight hours, the sandy shores of Monument Beach will be filled with families and sandcastles and the sounds of happy travelers enjoying the magic of the sea. But when the sea begins to calm and sailboats can be seen bobbing peacefully in the glassy waters, the families head home and Mother Nature’s greatest performance will appear to be for your eyes only.

First Encounter Beach in Eastham

This beach is known for being the spot the pilgrims first encountered the Native Americans who were the first settlers of the area, and a tablet actually marks the spot. This most definitely isn’t the first encounter you will have shared with your partner in life, but knowing you are standing together in a place where our country began will definitely become a memorable part of your own history as a couple.

Gray’s Beach in Yarmouth

Also known as Wood’s Hole, Gray’s Beach offers a boardwalk that encourages slow wandering and lots of handholding for couples. The boardwalk offers incredible views of the sea and the creatures that make the sea their home and when the sun begins to set, the sky turns to fire, and your favorite person smiles into your eyes, it just may become your most favorite moment of all!

Sunset Cruises

We do talk about sunset a lot on Cape Cod, and when you see your first, you will understand our obsession with them. A sunset cruise is probably our second favorite way to enjoy the sight, and these next companies offer ones that will enhance your romantic getaway in Cape Cod.

A romantic sunset cruise like those you can add to your Cape Cod weekend getaway.

Bay Spirit Tours, 180 Ocean Street Slip #1 in Hyannis

Offering sunset cruises from Memorial Day through the first week or so in October, ticket prices at Bay Spirit Tours are quite reasonable ($40 for adults, $38 for seniors), proving once again that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show off your romantic side. Playing soft music and serving beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks at the downstairs bar, there is no narration for this tour, but because it takes cruisers past the Kennedy Compound, they do let you know when it is near so you can check it out for yourself.

Cape Cod Catamaran Sailing Charters in Wellfleet

Sunset cruises by their very nature are designed to be romantic but when you want to take the romance factor to the next level of wow, a sunset sail from Catamaran Sailing Charters should be the direction you turn. Also offering morning and midafternoon charters which are worth taking a look at, for an authentic Cape Cod experience you and your favorite human will fall in love all over again as you sail across the waters watching the sky turn to fire. They don’t offer a bar on board, but guests are invited to bring their own food and drink, so maybe a picnic dinner will be in your future, a picnic dinner enjoyed as the sun sets over the sea.

Lobster Roll Cruises in East Dennis

Lobster Roll Cruises serves as the perfect lead into our final topic, romantic meals, but since it falls under the sunset cruise category, we will leave it right here. Cruising out of Sesuit Harbor, enjoying cocktails, wine, beer, and cocktails from your choice of two separate bars. Also serving a menu of fresh and delicious foods, your evening adventures will be fulfilling and fiery.

Sharing a Meal with the One You Love

No romantic trip to Cape Cod would be complete without a fabulous meal from any of the restaurants listed below. Be sure to save room for dessert and finish off your night with a moonlit walk along the beach.

Spinnaker Restaurant, 2019 Main Street in Brewster

Offering views of the harbor and a menu filled with Italian favorites and seafood harvested from the waters around Cape Cod, their selections change regularly, and their desserts are always on point. Their Chef’s Cheesecake of the Day is worth returning more than once, just to sample the new flavors.

Twenty-Eight Atlantic, 2173 MA-28 in Harwich

This seasonal favorite, only open during the summer months, is acclaimed for being the go-to special occasion restaurant and is perfect for celebrating your love. The only Forbes Five-Star rated restaurant on Cape Cod, Twenty-Eight Atlantic has also been voted most romantic, ensuring that your dining experience will be one that you never forget. Their menu is a prix-fixe menu with three courses.

Encore Bistro & Bar, 36 Hope Lane in Dennis, Open Daily

Encore Bistro & Bar is housed in a charming and classic New England style cottage, but as you walk through the arched trellis covered in climbing vines, you won’t have to worry about your vacation budget as this trendy spot offers moderately priced meals. Its menu is a blend of Italian and American favorites, and although they don’t offer a dessert menu, their specialty cocktails including the Brown Buttered Old Fashion and Espresso Martini will provide a sweet finish to your meal.

Our New England Vacation Rentals Romantic Love Nests

Every adventure is a romantic one when spent with the one you love most in our Cape Cod cozy love nests. Contact us to learn more or reserve your favorite today and fall in love all over again in comfort and style.

See All of Our Stunning Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

There are two distinctly different types of travelers in this world. The first are the ones that love the carefree vibe of a summer day, traveling to places where the sun always shines, the seas are warm, and flipflops and swimsuits are the only outfit of the day. They love long days and party nights. They swim, they tan, they explore hidden beaches in popular areas and yes, they visit Cape Cod in droves in the summer months, finding everything they love right here on our historic island. But today, we want to talk to the second type of traveler, the ones for whom the nights can never be long enough and the snow can never be deep enough. These travelers declare winter their soulmate and cannot be happy without boots and a colorful parka as they trek through blankets of the white stuff. These romantic souls love the quiet of a dark night as more snow falls softly to the ground, and when they are tucked away under a colorful blanket with a fire roaring in the fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or tea in hand, they are in their element. Our comprehensive winter guide to Cape Cod is designed to enhance your vacation experience to the fullest.

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Ultimate Winter Guide to Cape Cod

A Cape Cod vacation in the winter is a far different one than occurs in the summer months, and for those who fear they will have nothing to do in the snowy winter wonderland of the Cape, we at New England Vacation Rentals have created this ultimate winter guide, a day-by-day itinerary, to your vacation in our chilly paradise. And of course, the only thing better than exploring the winter adventures you can have during your stay on Cape Cod will be coming home to our seasonal sanctuaries where warmth, romance, and comfort are awaiting! 

Day 1: Welcome to Your New Happy Place! 

Chances are your first night at the Cape was spent getting to know the comforts of your home sweet vacation home, and perhaps you did nothing more than grab a spicy pie from Pizza Barbone in Hyannis, which happened to be located conveniently near your rental property. There is no wrong way to dive into your first night on Cape Cod, so we hope it was a pleasant one. But today is a new day, and there are a plethora of adventures awaiting you! 

Breakfast is the first item on the agenda, and the Daily Paper is our first recommendation! Offering two locations in Hyannis, 644 West Main and 546 Main Street, this local diner serves breakfast all day, and their breakfasts will definitely stick to your ribs on a cold winter day. After finishing off a delicious Lobster Benedict and a couple of cups of strong, hot coffee, it is time to venture out into the cold (But not that cold, because our Cape is protected from the biggest weather issues and stays relatively warm in comparison to the rest of Massachusetts!) to one of the beaches of Hyannis. A beach in winter? We can almost hear the incredulous tone of your voice as you ask but trust us. While no one is suggesting a swim in the icy waters, the sight of snow-covered sands, gray skies, and stormy waters will reach out and take hold of your winter loving heart! The beaches—East, Kalmus, Sea Street, and Veterans—are a major draw in both winter and summer, and once you experience them, there is no going back. You will be hooked forever, and the pictures you take will offer a stark and rugged beauty that will add warmth to your home when you print and frame them. 

When the need for heat arises, it may be time to head indoors, exploring a little bit of American history at the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. Located at 397 Main Street and open Monday through Saturday from 10 to 5 (These hours can be different over holidays, or on the first Friday of every month, when they stay open until 8 PM for First Fridays events.) Hyannis served as a respite for our nation’s 35th president, serving as a playground and often acknowledged as the summer White House during his term, and this incredible museum delves deeply into his life and his legacy. Ticket prices range from free (for kids 5 and under) to $14 for adults 18 to 64, and a gift shop is filled with items that will serve as concrete reminders of the moments you spent in his favorite part of the world. 

Finally, on this first, fun-filled day of your escape to the Cape, it is time to explore dinner options, which of course should be seafood related. Massachusetts is known for its sweet seafood, and even those who claim not to like it can’t resist a taste, which is why the Black Cat Tavern, located at 165 Ocean Street, is our suggestion for this night’s meal! Offering waterfront views of the harbor and an extensive menu that includes fish, oysters, clams, and so much more, you will want to save room for their Oreo cake as you possibly end your first day with a great meal and live entertainment. 

Day 2: A Tour of Lighthouses 

After a yummy breakfast of Steak Tips and Eggs at Marshland Restaurant, located at 109 MA-6A in Sandwich, (which has made an appearance on everyone’s favorite Food Network show, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives) you will have all the energy you need for a drive around Cape Cod and a tour of the lighthouses for which we are famous. There are 14 lighthouses on Cape Cod, but not all are easy to access, such as the Sandy Neck Lighthouse in Barnstable, which is actually a private residence and should only be viewed from a distance, perhaps by boat. But never fear; there are many more you can explore! 

The Nauset Lighthouse is the most photographed one on Cape Cod, its red, white, and black structure standing out against the skies in all seasons, perched next to the classic Cape Cod keeper’s house. Located in Eastham and known as one of the Three Sisters, it was completed in 1838 and originally stood about 500 feet away from where it stands now. The Three Sisters, a trio of lighthouses constructed in 1911 after the original threesome fell into the sea, aren’t at water’s edge anymore but are located just a short walk away from Nauset Light, serving as a stately reminder to those early more dangerous days in the seas around Cape Cod. 

Chatham Light is the next structure on our tour, offering a peek at an automated lighthouse still in use. Built in 1877, this pure white structure is much loved, and although they only offer tours in the summer months, a picture taken in front of the lighthouse will make an excellent photo for your annual Christmas card. If you time your travels right, you should stop into the Wild Goose Tavern, 512 Main Street in Chatham, for a bowl of their Spanish Stew, served with your choice of seared cod or scallops! 

Heading back out on the road, Nobska Light in Falmouth is next on the tour. Built in 1829 and offering stunning views of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Sound, this white tower is also still in use, and watching the ferries commute from island to island from the grassy cliff is one of our favorite ways to find peace on a chaotic day. 

With 14 lighthouses on the Cape, we could go on and on about each one, but the best way to learn about these important structures is to visit those you can, including all the ones we listed here, plus others such as Monomoy, Woods End, and Race Point Lighthouses. You won’t be able to tour these beautiful structures during your winter adventures, but just seeing them, photographing them, and enjoying the views from their base will make this winter trip one you will never forget. And in the evening, after being on the road all day, you may wish to just enjoy a dinner at home, and our fully equipped kitchens will make it easy to do just that! 

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Day 3: The History of Cape Cod 

Lying just minutes away from the most famous rock in the country, this region is at its heart, practically the birthplace of our country, and as such, winter visitors can enjoy a historic tour of Cape Cod with visits to museums and antique stores, proving once again that education can be entertaining! As with any of our suggestions, travelers can pick and choose their favorite ideas and plan out their own itinerary, but today, we want to step back in time with a tour of museums.  

Breakfast, of course, is where we begin, and today’s pick of the day is for our Chatham guests. The Chatham Filling Station, located at 75 Old Harbor Road, may never have actually been a gas station, but the owners ensure that no one ever leaves hungry, filling their empty stomachs with a delicious array of foods! Preferring cash, but taking debit and credit cards with an additional fee, this locally owned business is worth visiting twice, so why not come back for lunch? 

After the most important meal of the day, the adventures will begin with a visit to the Atwood Museum, located at 347 Stage Harbor Road in Chatham. Built in 1752, over 20 years before our nation fought for its independence, a major renovation project began in 2009, ensuring that it would continue to tell its story for centuries to come. The renovations were done in much of the same ways it was originally constructed, including hand-blown glass windows, ax-hewn beams, and historically correct brick-and-lime mortar was used for restoring the fireplace, ensuring that even the pickiest of architectural buffs will be pleased with the restoration. 

For those who can’t find themselves excited about museums, a visit to Monomoy Salvage Antiques & Gifts will give you a taste of history that you can actually bring home with you! Located at 1134 Main Street in Chatham, you could probably spend the entire day here and not see everything they have to offer, but fortunately, they also offer an online shop that you can peruse from anywhere in the world. 

If you want to continue on with your tour of museums, instead of focusing on just one, some of the best museums on Cape Cod include the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster, Highfield Hall and Gardens in Falmouth, the previously mentioned John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Museum in Mashpee. The museums we have listed here should be open during your winter visit, but you should check, just in case something changes.  

Day 4: Almost Time to Leave?

We’ve crammed a lot of activities into just three days, so feel free to spread the activities out over your longer stay, but however you choose to explore the winter wonderland that is Cape Cod, we like to suggest that you take at least one day to experience all the comforts of home in our seasonal sanctuaries! Wake up early one morning, bundling up to experience a sunrise on the beaches that are nearest your escape, scramble up some eggs for a hearty breakfast, and then head back to bed for a little midmorning nap. Of course, the sofas in our living rooms are notoriously nap worthy, so maybe you will fall asleep while watching the holiday parade at Thanksgiving on large state-of-the-art televisions. On a snowy day, there is nothing more rewarding than staying in your jammies, sipping coffee or cocoa in front of a roaring fire, reading by the light of lamp placed next to the most comfortable reading chair. After another home-cooked meal, (Our kitchens make cooking fun!) clear the dishes off the table, spread out the pieces of a board game and play late into the night. 

There’s a magic that winter brings to Cape Cod, and our New England Vacation Rentals seasonal sanctuaries reflect that magic. Contact us today to reserve your favorite property today! 

A trip to Cape Cod with kids is a treat, but keeping everyone entertained requires some planning. The following are a few of the many places you’ll want to be sure to explore!

Explore the Cape Cod Children’s Museum

When you’re visiting Cape Cod with kids who could use some hands-on learning and fun during a stay, head over to the Cape Cod Children’s Museum at least once. Located at 577 Great Neck Road South in Mashpee, this one-of-a-kind stop hosts indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces as well as year-round educational programming on-site. From displays that encourage creative thinking to those that highlight everything from nature and wildlife to weather and shorelines, kids will find something they love and plenty of reasons to return.

Discover Pirates at the Whydah Pirate Museum

Let the kids access their inner pirate in Cape Cod with a visit to the Whydah Pirate Museum when you’re in the area. Found at 674 MA-28 in West Yarmouth, this museum is Cape Cod’s authentic pirate ship exhibition where guests can explore artifacts, discover treasures of all types, and interact with pirates too! A visit introduces kids to the story of the Whydah Gally and dives into details around seafloor research, diving, and archeology. There are educational programs hosted here throughout the year as well that bring the rich history of the Cape Cod shorelines to life!

Visit the Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Come be a part of the adventure at the oldest aquarium in America when you bring the kids to the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. Established in 1875, this aquarium is home to 140 species of marine animals hailing from the Mid-Atlantic U.S. waters. It’s a great place to enjoy a self-guided tour with the family and there are options to include behind-the-scenes looks at aquarium operations too. You’ll find the Woods Hole Science Aquarium located at 166 Water Street in Woods Hole.

Watch a Glass Blowing Demonstration

The Sandwich Glass Museum is a wonderful place to enjoy a unique glass-blowing demonstration experience with the kids while you’re in town. Situated at 129 Main Street, the museum offers guests a chance to see molten glass drawn from the furnace before being blown into stunning shapes by professionals. This hands-on demonstration is designed for adults and kids alike for over 20 minutes and includes information about the glass industry in the area dating back to the early 19th century.

Spend Time at a Local Fish Hatchery

The Sandwich State Fish Hatchery is another stop worth adding to the list when you have little ones who are interested in nature and wildlife alike. Located along route 6A, the hatchery is an easy place to bring little ones and hosts thousands of fish on-site. Feeding options are available and there are plenty of opportunities to learn how the hatchery boosts wildlife numbers in and around Cape Cod.

Check Out Butterflies of Cape Cod

Infuse some color and whimsy into your kid’s Cape Cod experience with a stop at the Butterfly Sanctuary at 26 Herring Pond Road in Bourne. This native butterfly habitat offers up education on butterfly conservation as well as a chance to explore pollinator-friendly gardens throughout.

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There are a variety of routes to making the most of sightseeing across Cape Cod. Whether you’re a traveler that loves land-based excursions or can’t wait to get out on the water, there are options to suit every preference. The following are a few you won’t want to miss out on while you’re here!

Find Time to Cast a Line and Enjoy Fishing

A fantastic way to spend time when visiting Cape Cod is to get out on the water and cast a line. Beneath the waves, the waters are home to a variety of fish species, and waiting to reel in something exciting is always a treat. Independent anglers will find places like Scargo Lake in Dennis, Mystic Lake in Barnstable, and Buzzard’s Bay ideal for catching everything from bass and stripers to trout alike. Of course, if you prefer a guided experience on the water, there are plenty of chartered fishing experiences in Cape Cod to go around. Consider companies like Cape Cod charters for fly fishing, Reel Grit Sportfishing when you have your sights set on bluefish and tuna, or Albatross Fishing for bottom fishing trips across Cape Cod Bay just to name a few!

Sail Your Way to Fun on Cape Cod

The land-based fun across Cape Cod is always a treat for travelers, but there’s something special about taking it all on from a vantage point on the waves as well. When you’re visiting and looking to make the most of fun on the water, booking a sailing charter is certainly the way to go. Companies like Sunset Sail offer up stunning evening experiences for groups of 12 while Cape Sailing Charters is happy to help guests book a half or full day of fun. Down Cape Charters & Boat Rentals as well as Cape Cod Catamaran Sailing Charters can customize time on the water to suit sightseeing or nature-viewing preferences too!

Add a Train Ride to Your Itinerary

While a train excursion may not come immediately to mind when travelers think of time on Cape Cod, an experience at the Cape Cod Central Railroad is truly one of the most unique routes to relishing the terrain! With a depot located at 252 Main Street in Hyannis, the Cape Cod Central Railroad is a heritage railroad that operates on the line known as Cape Main. It’s operated by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and a highlight for visitors is often the chance to book a scenic ride complete with onboard dining. A trip on the Cape Cod Central Railroad is a chance to savor the sights of dunes, marshes, and cranberry bogs along the way. Daytime rides include narrated histories of the areas you’ll pass by while weekends are for train rides that showcase brunch and lunch alike. There are even options to book sunset rides when you’re looking to infuse a little wonder and romance into the experience. Trains run rain or shine making this a great addition to any itinerary.

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Life is an experience that’s filled with plenty of requirements. The responsibilities we’re held to daily can seem overwhelming at times. That’s what makes a getaway somewhere scenic and exciting so enjoyable! Vacation is a chance to let go of stress, unwind in style, and explore a destination that’s new and inviting without any of those life demands following you around. Making it even more meaningful is often the fact that the choices are entirely yours when it comes to selecting a vacation destination that perfectly matches your interests and style.

While there are plenty of places on the map to choose from that are worth experiencing at one point or another, those with plans to travel this summer or fall who are looking for a place where simple pleasures are magnified at every turn will find everything they’re looking for and more on Cape Cod with our Cape Cod travel guide! Setting your travel sights on this one-of-a-kind destination is sure to be an inspiring choice that offers up much in the way of rest, relaxation, fun, and exploration too. There’s truly something for everyone on Cape Cod, whether you’re in town for the delicious seafood, historical stops, elevated shopping, or options to encounter nature at its very finest.

Cape Cod is a scenic peninsula located off the coast of Massachusetts that’s known as a popular summertime destination but makes just as much of a fun and scenic impact in the fall. Between the collection of quaint villages, towering lighthouses, mouthwatering seafood stops, and beautiful beaches, it’s not hard to see upon arrival why first-time travelers find themselves wanting to return year after year. While many famous names have made their way to Cape Cod over the decades to enjoy a luxurious getaway or two, it remains a place that feels familiar and welcoming, beyond its reputation for being a one-stop resource for luxurious retreating like no other. Across Cape Cod, small moments have the potential to becoming unforgettable life-long memories. Quaint beaches, charming seafood tops, historical sights, and breathtaking wildlife have a way of inspiring that’s unmatched. No matter what else your Cape Cod summer or fall itinerary entails, the following are a few activities and attractions that are sure to elevate the experience further and you definitely won’t want to miss out on while you’re here!

Things to Do While You’re Here

While Cape Cod is visited and referenced frequently by its umbrella name, the area itself is made up of several communities–each hosting its own identity, culture, and undeniable sense of charm! Chatham, Brewster, Harwich, Eastham, Orleans, Hyannis, Dennisport, Truro, West Barnstable, Centerville, Yarmouth, and Provincetown are among the many stops that travelers can make and enjoy when setting their vacation sights on Cape Cod. Because there are so many places to pick from, choosing those activities that speak most closely to interests and intrigue can sometimes seem overwhelming at first. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case! When you make your way to Cape Cod, you never have to travel that far to access the next destination, making it possible to pack a lot of fun into even a short stay with our Cape Cod travel guide.

One of those Cape Cod activities that is universally inviting no matter what village or town you happen to find yourself in is beach-hopping! Cape Cod’s ideal location on and surrounded by pristine waters makes it the perfect place for those with a passion for shoreline adventures to either settle into the sand and work on that amazing tan or jump in the water and go for a swim that puts you up close with some incredible creatures.

If you’re up for exploring some truly incredible sights, stick to the Cape Cod National Seashore, which shouldn’t be hard to do seeing as it stretches 40 miles between Provincetown and Chatham. For a super exclusive beach day, head to North Beach in Chatham which is definitely off the beaten path and only accessible by boat. Those more interested in pairing their tanning with hitting the waves will want to head to East Orleans and check out Nauset Beach which is typically a popular place amongst those with a passion for boogie boarding their way through a sunny summer or fall afternoon. Skaket Beach in Orleans is a great place to find yourself when you’re on the hunt for calm waters and would be interested in checking out smaller flats and tidal pools as well. Kingsbury Beach in Eastham is a good place to go for a beach walk and bring your camera along to capture seabirds along the way. Duck Harbour Beach in on Cape Cod Bay is popular amongst beach hoppers looking for a great view and appreciate warm waters.

For those that enjoying exploring new places on two wheels, Cape Cod in general promises to be a fantastic destination both in the summer and fall for renting a bike and hitting the trails in style. Not to worry, there’s no shortage of routes to pursue whether you’re an avid cyclist or excited to get out and enjoy the weather and views alongside the entire family. That said, one of the most inviting pathways to peddle is by far the Cape Cod Rail Trail. This cycling route is actually built on an old rail bed and offers up 26 miles of trail to be explored at your very own leisurely pace. The trail stretches between Dennis and Wellfleet but in between, there are plenty of stops to be made—many of which happen throughout Chatham. Even the most enthusiastic of cyclist will find it hard to resist the temptation of enjoying some time at one of the several cafes that dot this route. It’s particularly a fun way to spend a day if you find yourself in good company and are looking to balance out physical exercise with some well-earned treats along the way.


Cape Cod Travel Guide: Attractions to Check Out

The natural beauty and sensational scenery of Cape Cod isn’t lost on travelers or those who are local and spend their time on the cape year-round. One of the most mesmerizing destinations in which to take it all in is the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge—a place well worth checking out when you’re in the area in the summer or the fall. This massive wildlife refuge actually encompasses not one, but three entire islands that are situated fairly close to Chatham. Consisting of both salt and freshwater marshes, the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge is an incredible habitat for protected seabirds and ecosystems that visitors can enjoy by walking the paths and taking in the sights at will. First established as a refuge in 1944, it continues to be a place that captivates visitor minds and imaginations today-not to mention, plays a vital role in protecting the landscapes and ecosystems that make Cape Cod such a marvel. While visiting the wildlife refuge, it’s entirely possible to set your sights on Piping Plovers, Roseate Tern, the American Oystercatcher, and Red Knots. While these protected birds roam the shoreline and skies, if you keep your eyes peeled on the surrounding waters, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter anything from gray and harbor seals out searching for a bite to whales and dolphins that might breach the waves within sight.

If you happen to find yourself exploring Falmouth in the summer or fall and could use a moment of rest and recuperation in a space that speaks to natural beauty and tranquility, head towards 45 Fells Road where you can spend some quality time Spohr Gardens. This inviting destination covers six acres of woodland terrain and is dotted with delightful daffodils that dot winding pathways complete with benches and natural artifacts and water features to enjoy. The garden was first established in the 1950s and today is owned by a charitable trust and functions as an open space for guests to spend a peaceful moment wandering or in contemplation of nature’s beauty.

For many travelers to Cape Cod, it’s hard to imagine a trip this way without some well-earned time spent at a lighthouse or two. While there are several to choose from, Chatham Lighthouse has that certain something special about it that shouldn’t be missed out on. Standing 43 feet tall, Chatham Lighthouse stands next to its shore station and is easy to identify thanks to its stark white façade. The lighthouse dates back to 1808 and is an incredible local attraction to enjoy, explore, and of course photograph!


Getting out on the water is always a delightful way to spend a vacation on Cape Cod, but there’s something even more exciting about pairing those on-the-water adventures with options to spot a whale or two along the way. Cape Cod enjoys a firm place along many whales’ migration routes and if you find yourself here in the summer or early fall, there’s a good chance of catching a glimpse of a few if you book the right excursion. Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises is a good place to start when you’re excited to get up close to these incredible marine creatures. Humpback whales, finback whales, and even mink whales have been seen from these comprehensive cruises that include insight into whale migration patterns and behaviors. Tours with Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises leave from Barnstable Harbor and guests enjoy the experience on board a 130-foot whale watching vessel designed without external propellers to ensure a safe experience for passengers and marine life below. With two captains on board at all times and over 50 years of Cape Cod guide experience, Whale Watcher Cruises offers up a sense of confidence and a legacy of excellence that travelers count on.

For summer and fall travelers to Cape Code looking for something with a bit more speed and adrenaline included on the water, the team at Cape Cod Power Boat Rentals in South Yarmouth is ready and waiting to answer the call to fun. This premier provider of all things powerboat rentals is located at 130 Pleasant Street and is happy to offer rentals that span a few hours, a half-day excursion, or a full day of excitement on the waves.

Restaurants to Enjoy

While getting out and exploring the best of Cape Cod is always a delight whether you’re traveling this way in the summer or fall, no adventure can truly be considered complete without taking some time to enjoy the savory stops along the way as well. Fortunately, Cape Cod is packed with delicious dining destinations to choose from. While it’s possible to find nearly every type of food item one could crave somewhere in this area, there’s something particularly appealing about the fresh-caught fare that’s straight from the sea when you’re visiting a place that showcases the waters at nearly all times. That’s what makes a meal enjoyed at Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster so enjoyable and memorable!

This savory stop can be found at 1291 Main Street Route 28 in Chatham and is open to the dining public daily between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm. Here, guests are invited to indulge their tastebuds by selecting from various fresh-caught fish and seafood dishes that are bound to delight. Whether you go with the Wellfleet oysters, tuna, salmon, calamari, or shrimp, the menu has something for every seafood lover that drops by. The atmosphere is fun while the service is notoriously friend at Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster, making the experience that much more worthwhile!

Places to Stay on the Cape

After a day of exploring Cape Cod, knowing you’re booked into rental accommodations that are not only comfortable and luxurious but conveniently located near those places you can’t wait to explore can elevate your experience even further! When you partner with the property professionals at New England Vacation Rentals, guests can pick and choose from a vast portfolio of property options that span the entire cape and can be customized to meet every traveler’s need and exceed expectations too. Whether it’s a charming bungalow by the water or a multi-level residence complete with a specific view that would make your trip complete, New England Vacation Rentals has the homes and properties to fit every budget and lifestyle. Reach out today to learn more!

In a world that seems to be made for couples only, it’s refreshing to head off on a solo adventure every so often. Your schedule is your own, you can sleep as long or as little as you like, and you get to choose what food you want to eat at the time that suits you best! Breakfast for dinner? Lunch for breakfast? Middle of the night feast? This is your journey, your adventure, and you have to answer to no one but yourself! This guide to Cape Cod activities for the solo traveler will ensure that your expedition will be as perfect as you want it to be!

Walk the Dunes

Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate the beauty of a Cape Cod beach; the National Seashore offers miles to explore and photographic opportunities you won’t want to miss. A selfie by the Chatham Lighthouse, a shot of the sun setting over the sea at Crosby Landing Beach in Brewster, or maybe, just maybe, you keep the camera in your pocket and you simply enjoy the moment. Your thoughts and those views are the perfect companions to this perfect moment.

Take in a Live Performance

The Cape Playhouse in Dennis offers a chance to escape into the magic of theater world as well as to enjoy a peek at the architecture of the 19th century. The building was a Cape Cod meeting house in the 1800s! Today, the magic of music and laughter is brought to you by talented actors who make the stories they perform come alive and viewing one of the shows during your solo journey ensures you won’t miss a single word of dialogue, something that may not have happened if you were with someone else.

Watch the Whales

You don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the stunning beauty of a whale surfacing from beneath the sea. With a whoosh of air and a flip of a tale, these aquatic beasts somehow manage to look graceful in spite of their size, and when you book a whale watching cruise through Monomoy Island Excursions in Harwich Port, you’ll be sure to experience the best show of your lifetime.

An Endless List of Fun and Excitement – Cape Cod Activities

If you still have questions about what a solo traveler can do while on Cape Cod, we have one very simple answer: A solo traveler can do whatever a couple or family would do, only he or she will be spending a lot less! Our New England Vacation Rentals guide to solo activities is just the start to all the fun you can have on Cape Cod! Contact us!

Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and colorful decorations hanging in the windows of local businesses are all signs that the new season is upon us, and although the end of October generally signifies the end of the tourist rush, it also signifies the start of our favorite time of the year! Late fall and winter, and the accompanying activities and events that take place during these seasons, offer a chance for visitors to experience the true beauty of Cape Cod. This is the time when peace and tranquility take the place of the rush and noise of our still beautiful summer days, and when you take part in these in upcoming seasonal Cape Cod events, you may discover that this season is your favorite as well!

Brewster Baptist Church Holiday Fair, November 2, 1848 Main Street #1827

This annual event is coming up rather soon, and although you may miss it this year, it’s never too soon to start planning for 2020! This is one of the biggest holiday fairs on Cape Cod, and it offers the perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping that you swore you would start early this year! Also featuring a farm stand and a silent auction and lasting from 9AM until 3PM, proceeds go to a worthy cause, allowing you to do a good deed as you have a good time!

Dennis Maritime Museum Christmas Open House, December 14, 67 School Street

Offering the chance to celebrate the holiday and to explore the maritime history of the area, the Dennis Maritime Museum Christmas Open House is a fun and festive event guaranteed to be enjoyed by the entire family! The non-shoppers can explore the exhibits while shoppers pick up the little gifts and treasures that give vacationing more purpose!

Chatham’s Christmas by the Sea Stroll Weekend, December 13 & 14, Downtown and Kate Gould Park

As the snow falls gently onto the Cape Cod landscape, the stores of Chatham band together to offer a seasonal selection of Christmas merchandise that make perfect gifts for the family back home. This straight-out-of-a-Christmas-card event offers sweet treats, carolers, horse drawn carriages, a tree-lighting ceremony, and a chance to meet Santa at the bandstand. It’s our favorite way to get into the holiday spirit, and it will soon be yours too!

Enjoy This Season’s Cape Cod Events

Choose fall or winter for your Cape Cod getaway and a stay in our New England Vacation Rentals classic escapes for a vacationing experience you will never forget. Contact us today to reserve your rental and to learn more about Cape Cod events!