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We can’t think of anywhere we would rather spend our nation’s birthday than right here on Cape Cod, not far from our humble beginnings as a country, and if you’re reading this right now, chances are you feel the same way! Celebrating Cape Cod 4th of July is about as patriotic as you can get, and because the towns and villages are so close and intertwined, you have the option of choosing any town and any fireworks show for your celebration pleasures. Here’s a list of the top 4th of July fireworks show on Cape Cod!

Fireworks Over Rock Harbor in Orleans

Firework shows held over the water double your chances for oohing and ahhing; the water’s reflection of the colorful explosions in the sky also give your neck a chance to relax! And because we can’t wait to get a start on the celebrating, this year’s fireworks show will be held on July 2, starting as soon as the sky is completely dark! The best part is you can view the show from multiple locations; the fireworks can be seen from Linnell Landing Beach and many other bay side beaches as well!

Cape Cod 4th of July at Oyster Pond in Chatham

The day starts with the famous old-fashioned parade through downtown Chatham, lasting from 9:30AM until 11:30 AM with a theme of “Hooked on Chatham.” Our Chatham residents take pride in this parade, as it’s one of the oldest 4th of July celebrations in all the nation! Featuring floats, marching bands, and even a boat or two, over 20,000 visitors flock to Chatham each year for this annual event. The fireworks show starts at nightfall, visible from Oyster Pond. Our suggestion is you double your pleasure by watching the Fireworks Over Rock Harbor on July 2nd, and then continue the celebration in Chatham with  Cape Cod 4th of July; it’s the holiday that keeps giving!

Your New England Vacation Rentals Escape

While we can’t guarantee that you will be able to see the big shows from your back porch, there is a chance that you’ll catch a few rogue fireworks shows from the neighborhood. Grab a sweatshirt and a beach chair and head to the closest beach to see amateur displays. Or, there’s always blending up some frothy margaritas and turning on the television to watch fireworks displays from all over the country. Reserve your New England Vacation Rentals getaway today and celebrate our nation’s 242nd birthday in the style you can only expect from one of our vacation rentals!